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Top 9 loose ends in Steven Universe.

You know what's great about cartoons today?
They all have such great build-up. We don't just get backstory and such slabbed in the face, it slowly builds up, we get small hints, and tons of the episodes has stuff that may not seem that important until it has been taken up in a later episode. We get that in Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and today's subject; Steven Universe.
Here is a list of 9 things that haven't been explained yet, but that I hope one day will be explained. I took the liberty to write what I think could be revealed, and would like to hear what you think as well.
Because that's what the internet is for; trying to predict what is going to happen, even though you do not have the faintest idea, and then feel humiliated because you realize that your theory was stupid and that you should never have posted it online to begin with.
Ladies and gentlemen; my top 9 loose ends in "Steven Universe".

Number 9; Is Garnet the first fusion?

In "Jail Break", Jasper claims that fusion is "a cheep tactic to make weak gems stronger", so it could be speculated that it is a common thought in the Gem Homeworld. And in "Keeping It Together", we see that Homeworld apparently does not understand what fusion is about, as they experiment on shattered gems, making them force into fusion monsters.
Garnet was overwhelmed by guilt as she saw the fusion experiment, and almost defused into Ruby and Sapphire, while Sapphire trying to tell Ruby that they couldn't know that this would happen. Sure, it could be that she(or they) just felt guilty about not being able to save their fallen comrades, but is it possible that Garnet felt guilt because she was the very first fusion? Is it possible that Ruby and Sapphire invented(or discovered?) fusion?

Number 8; How did Lapis end up in the mirror to begin with?

It most likely has to have something to do with the war. Lapis told Steven that she "never believed in this place", and that she resents the Crystal Gems for only caring for the humans instead of other gems, so it's possible that she fought for the Gem Homeworld. Some believe that Lapis was Blue Diamond, a leader of the Homeworld, but I find hat unlikely due to two reasons; A: if Lapis ever had any authority on Homeworld, then she wouldn't have been treated so disrespectful by Jasper who bossed her around and called her "brat", and B; I'm not sure Lapis is THAT powerful a gem, since she appear to need water to do anything, and we haven't even seen her use a gem-weapon.

Number 7; Will Mayer Dewey ever man himself up and ask Pearl out?

Probably not, since it has been made pretty clear that Dewey is pretty pathetic. But a lot of episodes are about Steven helping out the people who lives in Beach City because he wants to be friends with everyone, no matter how pathetic they are(*cough*Lars*cough*). And yeah, Pearl would without any doubt have no interest in a relationship with Dewey, but it would be healthy for Dewey to get it out of his system.

Number 6: What is the Gem Homeworld like?

It has been hinted that the Gem Homeworld is very class orientated and that it has colonized several planets, but besides that, we know nothing about it. Sure, we have seen some of the ruins of lost gemculture on the planet Earth, but that was 5000 years ago. Lapis said that the Homeworld has become extremely advanced, and that she can no longer recognize it, so we have no clue what it's like.

Number 5; Peridot a cyborg?

I know, I know! Gems do not have actual bodies, it's projections from their gemstone.
But here me out.
Even though the gems' bodies aren't "real," they can still get hurt. If their body get's too damaged, they retreat to their gemstone in order to heal. And if the stone get's damaged, then it will affect their human-like form(as shown in "Indirect Kiss" where Amethyst's stone get's cracked).
So... could it be that Peridot's gem is damaged? Is her legs artificial?
It could be, since we in the episode "Friend Ship" see her cut her leg of in order to escape. She could in theory just change shape and get away that way. But if I'm right, then her arms and legs are replicas, ´meaning that she can't change their shape, due to them not being part of her gem-body.

Number 4; Whatever happened to Marty?

Yeah, he is a dick, but wouldn't you like to know whatever happened to Marty? Apparently, he went back to Beach City after Greg left him and had a relationship with Vidalia and impregnated her with Sour Cream in(I assume) the late 90's.
Apparently, he doesn't have any friends(no surprise there) and he is dead to both Greg and Vidalia.
Where is he now? Is a still a manager? Or maybe he is a broke loser with no friends? Or maybe he has changed?

Number 3; Rose and Pearl's relationship.

It's safe to say that Pearl was in love with Rose. But what I would like to know is whatever Rose were aware of that love. It has been hinted in "Wee Need To Talk" that Rose, even though she had a great deal of love for everything, had no idea how love as in "I love you" worked until Greg made her understand it. So maybe Rose simply unaware of the fact that Pearl LITERATELY worshiped the ground she walked on. Or maybe Rose did know, and saw it as a fixation rather than actual love? Or maybe Rose just thought of her as nothing more than a good friend, possibly a daughter?

Number 2; Lost and defective Pearl?

In the episode; "The Return" Jasper calls Pearl "some lost,defective Pearl". And Pearl has later referred to herself as "Just a pearl who needs someone to tell her what to do."It could imply that there are more than one Pearl on Homeworld, and that they, like real-world pearls, are easy to mass produce. It's possible that Pearls are some sort of drones, which would also explain why Pearl has to rely more on her skills than Garnet and Amethyst, which would add up with her "not been made for fighting"(Sworn To The Sword).

Number 1; What's Lion's history?

Lion is possibly the biggest mystery in the series. He doesn't have a gemstone, but he is obviously not a normal animal. He most likely has some sort of connection to Rose, but how come Rose never told Pearl about him, when she told her everything else? Some has the theory that Lion IS Rose, but I find that very unlikely.
I guess we just have to wait.

That's all for now. Next time, I will take a look at one of the comicbook series based on an animated show.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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