Wednesday, October 14, 2015

W2's Web Of Horror: Wingless.

"Wingless; The Dovecote Princess" is a dark fantasy story of a girl named Ephelia. Armed with a enchanted book with a sentient mind, she runs away from a wedding she does not wish to be part of, she begins her quest to become a knight for the honour of her family. She finds out it is not that simple.
Also, her head get's cut off her neck...
But don't worry. She got better!
This series is despicable!
It let's you believe that it is a fairy tale about a young woman who wants to prove herself. And then it slaps you in the face with it goriness, like decapitated heads and hands, guts flying out of bodies, monster pigs and scary deform squirrels.
Besides the many horrors we see on the pages, we have some pretty interesting interaction between Ephelia and her traveling companion; Bouquin the book. Bouquin has little to no faith in Ephelia's quest for knighthood as well as finding her motivations for... well, EVERYTHING to be without logic. This, of coarse, infuriate our young heroin, and you wonder WHY she bother carrying around a magic book who gives her advises she almost never listen to(or is it read?). They are total opposites, and that makes their forced relationship that more interesting, as they exchange thought and ideas.
Here is a link to the comic: Wingless; The Dovecote Princess
That's all for now. Next time; Nuns and witches!
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