Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bendis Month(and a half): Ultimate Spider-Man

A problem for comicbook writers can be the long history of the characters they write. While some writers embrace the characters past and tries to dig up moments, friends and enemies from the main character's history(Like Greg Pak and James Robinson), others can have a hard time writing the story THEY want to write and at the same time being sure not to not peeve of the fans who either knows the hero's history very well or just spends way too much time on Google just so that they can say; you made a mistake, so you suck raccoon balls!
Writers don't really have that problem anymore, since respecting continuity is apparently not that big a deal anymore... Unless you are Mark Waid.
STOP talking trash about Waid for writing Daredevil, for Christ's sake!
Anyway, back in year 2000, when retcon was not as accepted as it is today, Marvel created the Ultimate Universe. A whole new universe where writers could recreate the iconic heroes of Marvel and telling stories without worrying about forgetting Spiderman's uncle's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate's middle name.
So, with the chance to give Spiderman new life, did Bendis succeed in re-creating everyone's favorite superhero?
I mean, how would that be possible when he was writing everyone's second favorite superhero; Spiderman?
Alright, jokes aside: Yes. I think Bendis did a great job with his 134 issue long series. Was it perfect? Heck no. How could it be when the same guy wrote ALL 134 issues? Eventually, he had to make mistakes or less than great stories(like a Clone Saga that was LESS enjoyable than the original one, if you can believe that).
Bendis makes some interesting decisions. Like making Peter's uncle and aunt old hippies and Gwen Stacy a badass punk girl. And he even creates some new ones, like Kenny “Kong” McFarlane, a stereotype dumb bully who evolves the most of all the supportive characters.
The re-creation of Spidy's bad guys is... hit and miss. Mostly miss, really. Green Goblin being a giant Hulk-thingy is weird when you consider the fact that he is called the Green GOBLIN, as in a small creature. Doc Octopus has magnetic powers instead of just robot arms seems unnecessary. And turning Kraven into a joke? Dude!
But I really like the idea of turning Rhino into a mecha. And Venom being a failed attempt to find a cure for cancer? I'm not sure if that is awesome or unintended hilarious. It's... Awearious!
Another strength of this series is it's world-building. From the beginning, Spider-Man is part of a universe of mutants, gods, and monsters. For example, Norman Osborn’s Oz formula that turns Peter Parker into Spider-Man is his attempt to re-create the superserum that produced Captain America, who later appears in "Ultimates". From one time to another, Spider-Man isn’t left alone and helpless, and gets SHIELD backup, whether he likes it or not. He and Nick Fury has a mentor/student like relationship throughout the series, even if the two of them don't always get along. As well as telling a story of it's own, Ultimate Spider-Man acts as a tour guides to the world of the Ultimate Marvel Universe.
But really, there is one reason, AND only ONE REASON you really need to read this series:

Mark FREAKING Bagley!
I would read One More Day, JLA: Cry For Justice, Black Adam And Isis, and a Emma Frost solo-series and yet STILL somehow enjoy them if they had been drawn by this human-shaped wonderful creature who decided to bless the world with his art.
Mark Bagley is the best answer to ANY question known to man.
That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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