Friday, June 13, 2014

Batman Incorporated(New 52) in 5 panels.

Hey, we are Batman Incorporated. We are here!
Reboot? What Reboot?
I have killed a 10 year old child! What a glories victory!
I'm Talia Al Ghul, and I have surpassed my father. Gotham and Batman are at my non-existing mercy, everything is planned to the smallest detail, and nothing can...

... Well, THAT was easy...

1 comment:

  1. Panel 1: Hey Batwing! You comfy in that weird suit (true story, I think Batwing's suit here looks uncomfortable)
    Panel 2: No one is faster, than Merlyn the- *BUBBLE SPACE LIMIT EXCEEDED*
    Panel 3: And another Titans' corpse for the chest of dead Titans. There ya go Damian, right next to Grant! He's a bit... 'explody'...
    Panel 4: Sexy fan favourite girl, hope you don't
    Panel 5: OH, WHOOPS!

    A better title for this is...

    Batman Incorpsearated.