Saturday, June 7, 2014

Quest For Lost Comics: Deadshot.

What happens when you give a bastard who gives a damn about how he dies a reason to live?
I do not read that many super-villain comics, but when I do, it's usually good stuff. That can be said about the 5 issue Deadshot mini from 2005, written by Christos N. Gage, writer of such great series, like Avengers Academy, and Union Jack(both can be found in tpb)!
We all know Deadshot. He is he assassin who are nuts enough to take any job in a world full of meta-humans. He is fearless, since death doesn't bother him, especially not after his only son was killed by a pedophile(in the pretty damn good 4 issue Deadshot series from 1988,also available in tpb). But Deadshot learns that he is actually still a father, since he has a little daughter with a former prostitute named Michelle. After a visit in the Star City Triangle, a unsafe ghetto, he realize that the the Triangle is no place to raise a little child. So he decides to clean it up for gangs, Deadshot-style!
Who would have thought that Deadshot would make such a great anti-hero?
The story may seem a little rushed, but it IS a mini. But  actually think there was potential for a ongoing. Deadshot is not a hero, and he is only cleaning up the Triangle to make sure that his new family is safe. Sure, he makes a truce with a certain bowman, but it's based on mutual respect, and barley that.
There is a lot of action in this series, as we see Deadshot fight the gangs of the Triangle, mercilessly and fast. In the final issue, there is a showdown between Deadshoot and a gang of his former allies who hates his guts. They are 9 against one, so they are, of coarse, hopelessly outgunned:)
I'm not that crazy about the art, but it's far from bad. I would say that Deadshot Vol. 2 is all in all a bulls-eye, so go an get this lost treasure as fast as you can.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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