Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Waezi2 Halloween Reading part 18

This is the story about two men. One who serve God, one who left God. One who rules with peace and love, the other with fear and brutality. This is the story about King Arthur and Dracula's war.
Dracula sits in his castle at the end of the Turkish War, waiting for his enemies to end his life. That is, until he is summoned by Lucifer himself. Dracula is turned into a vampire, and is then send through time in order to kill the legendary king Arthur and make Camelot fall.
This is a very unique crossover, and I can't believe anyone actually thought up this unlikely, but surprisingly well working combination. The class between these two titans of literature is unlike any other you have ever seen in a comic-book. There is plenty of action, knights who fights for good, twisted creatures who serves The Wicked One, magic and, of coarse; blood!!!
And one more thing; the writer of this REALLY did his homework. There is a ton of details and descriptions that shows, that there has been a lot of perpetration and research before i was written. Especially the first issue, where the parallels between the lives of Dracula and King Arthur are shown is a thing of beauty. I loved this series from page two!
There is a deadly disease threatening the life of all the inmates and guards in the meta-human prison called "Iron Heights." The Flash must enter the prison, and try to locate the source of the deadly virus, as well as making sure that there wont be a bigger riot than there already are, But Wally West quickly realizes that Iron Heights was sick LONG before the virus.
Iron Heights makes other prisons look like kindergartens. It's creepy as hell, and full of disgusting super villains. But the biggest monster is quite possibly the warden; Gregory Wolfe. He hates super villains with a passion, and has made it his holy mission to make their life as miserable as possible. All the villains are dressed in their costumes so that they are easy targets for the guards, who are allowed to shot to kill, if a villain somehow gets out of his cell. The prisoners beaten up on their first day by guards armed with pipes, just to show that they mean business. Arkham Asylum may be "the worst place on Earth," but Iron Heights gives Arkham a run for it's money.
That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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