Saturday, March 1, 2014

My top 9 favorite 5-panel jokes

After 50 5-panels, I think its time to all it a day. I'm still going to make blogs (you know, those nobody read) but you wont see many 5-panels. Its just that its hard to get new material, and honestly; I think I have made the 5-panel I wanted to make. So what now.
Well, I can make a top 9, that usually makes me feel important.
My big problem with many of my 5-panel parodies is that I feel I'm not telling a story, but just making one-liners. Not that making a one-liner is wrong, as long as it works for the 5-panel. And I do have some personal favorites among my parodies, that works out of contest. Here hey are:

Nbr. 9: Why is this not a internet meme?
Taste the rainbow, motherfuckers!!!
Nbr. 8: 
Bonds are forever broken! ... Again... This is REALLY getting old.
Nbr. 7: What Geoff Johns is to me.
Good. Good. Everything is going as I have foreseen.
Nbr. 6:
Remember kids, when the police starts to ask questions, dont tell them about the boring stuff like being left on a island without food for two days. Just tell them that you had a fun weekend with uncle Pegasus.
Nbr. 5:
Have anyone seen my nibbles? I've been looked for them everywhere.
Nbr. 4:

You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!
Nbr. 3:
I am the sole survivor of the Nova Corps... Again... Blue blazes, this is getting old...
Nbr. 2:
 Put down the dead cat and nobody gets hurt.
Nbr. 1:
My "Identity Crisis" costume... Can I go home now, Mr. Officer?

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