Monday, March 10, 2014

The quest for lost comics: A handful of issues 3

Once again, I have brought a bunch of comics for pretty much nothing, in the hope that lost classics are to be found.
This is the first time for as long as I remember where I brought a bunch of random issues, and found myself disappointed. But lets start with the one of them I actually liked.
This comic is about Nightcrawler.
Seriously, what more do I have to say than the superhero who made being blue a thing is in this story?
Excalibur -1 is about Nightcrawler's last day at the Circus he was raised at, and the tragedy that made sure that he couldn't take he and his beloved Jimaine with him.
The art is great, the story is not bad either. Nice little read. If you by chance find this little pearl at your comic-shop, and you love Nightcrawler(and of coarse you do) you should defiantly buy it.
Here are two titles you SHOULDN'T buy.
How the crab do you screw up something as awesome as the ever so classic New Gods? Bad art, THAT'S what!
The story is generic as hell and fells abridged too. "1st explosive issue" my ass!
I really don't have more to say. New Gods issue 1 sucks, end of story.
Fantastic Force was an attempt to be to Fantastic Four what Excalibur was to X-Men. After Mr. Fantastics death, the Fantastic Four disbanded. Now four heroes who each has a (very meek) connection to the FF makes a team of their own to keep the legacy alive.
Boy, did they fail. The series didn't even last more than 20 issues.
Other than Franklin Richards, who is a future/alternative thingy, everyone else is complete unknown to me, and the comic does nothing to make me pay interest to these characters who seems generic as heck. Each character has messy back-stories, so most of the issue is spent explaining who's who, and failing at it too.
And why do these guys band together? Because Black Panther told them to. He even name them! What kind of origin is that?
If a thing like Fantastic Force should have a chance to actually work, it would first of all need characters who has a clear connection to the FF, like She-Hulk, Plack Panther or someone like that. And YES, a book with a completely new set of heroes, or relatively unknown anyway, CAN work, but the writing has to be a hell lot better than Fantastic Force.

That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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