Friday, March 7, 2014

Old Vs. New: New Warriors Issue 1.

I finally got it! New Warriors issue 1! The comic that I have been waiting for since Justice and Speedball went on a road-trip three years ago. Now its just a question about if it is a worthy successor to the series from the 90's. Only time can tell us if that is so, but that doesn't mean that we cant try to compare the first issue with the one from the original series.
Welcome to Old Vs. New!

Best cover.
Well, no debate here. It's definitely the old cover that wins. Posing is fine, but its nowhere close to being as epic as our heroes bursting through famous first issues of elder series to demonstrate how new they are!

Best art.
Mark Bargley's art is AWESOME! Witch makes it hard to say that Marcus To's art is a tiny bit better for this series. I dont really know why. Maybe because his style is more youthful, witch is what you would want in a story about young superheroes. And to tell the truth, I think To draws better faces than Bargley. Bargley sometimes makes some... odd faces. Not often, but when he does, mostly when someone smiles, it kinda looks like they have been told a dirty joke.

Best heroes.
Its may not be fair to judge this, since we still are one hero short in the new series. But I like the cast to both, so lets call it a tie, shall we?
Maybe with the exception with each teams Nova.
I know what you're going to say: You dont give the new Nova a chance because you like the old one, poopy head!
But I DID give him a chance. I brought five of the issues from the new Nova series (I actually got them for free, because I brought something else) and I just dont find him that compelling. He is actually a little dry, to be honest. But who knows, New Warriors might make him grow on me, so I shall let Sam get the benefit of the doubt. I actually consider picking up his series again, after hearing that Beta Ray Bill is going to be a sort of mentor to him.

Best villains.
Both Terrax and High Evolutionary are powerful and interesting villains. One is a rebelling herald of Galactus who wants to rule, the other a godlike being who wants what he thinks is the greater good.
But I thin that Higher Evolutionary is the villain who promise the most for a longer story-line, while Terrax is more of a "smash it, then rule it" type. And even though I'm a sucker for smashing, I have to give point to Evolutionary, since he seams more interesting.

Best story.
Honestly, both stories are really good. But I prefer the old version, since I'm a fan of the more simpler origin stories that you can read in one issue instead of five. But the new one IS good. We get the characters presented, and its really not required that you read about them before you dig into the new series. All you need to now is about the Warriors role in Civil (FUCKING!!!) War. The first issue from the old series is about the start of a legacy, the new one is about redeeming it.

Oh, and I probably have to mention the thing about Speedball, now I'm at it.

The thing about Speedball.
I would like to ad that Yost IS aware of Robbie's history. In a interview with CBR, Yost said:
"Speedball has indeed had a rough time, and while on the surface it does look like he's moved on, there's a lot going on with Robbie, which we'll explore in this iteration of New Warriors. It's extremely importantto Speedball to be doing this."
You see? And its really not that weird for Speedball to act as his former personality from before Stanford, since he wants things back to the way it used to be. Its part of his way to handle his grief, and it is to be expected.

But enough of that. Lets find a winner.

And the winner is:

But that's just the first issue. Who knows? In the hands of Yost, the new series could be the superior one. Only time can tell.

I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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