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Top 9 reads from Manga-Mania May.

Well, I'm done with the 31 reviews, but May is not over yet. So I will make a top nine over the mangas I read this month. But I will make the rule that a manga I read before MM May cant be on the list, it can solely be the once I read this month. And because I already reviewed them, I will only leave a short summary of the manga, along with a link to the review(the title is the link).
Number 9 Romeo X Juliet.
Neo-Verona was once peacefully ruled by the Capulet family, but the Montague-family destroyed them and took over. Fourteen years later, Lord Montague rules Neo-Verona with an iron fist. But one of the Capulets are still alive: Juliet. She is prepared to avenge her family, and stop the tyranny, but there is a problem: Juliet has fallen in love with Lord Monague's son, Romeo.
Shinjou has for the most of his young life been the bland and boring guy nobody wanted to hang out with. He has therefor decided that he will let his first day in high-school, where no one knows him, be a restart of his life. He transform himself to hunk, and ready to take the school with storm.
But oddly enough, a girl from his old school, named Kurai, has decided to do the exact same thing by turning herself from not to hot, also hoping to get a fresh start. Recognizing each other as former fellow social outcasts, they then make a bet about who can get a girlfriend/boyfriend first.
Number 7 Mahou No Iroha.
Naoki is pretty much your standard loser: He looks kinda plain, sucks at sport, and stay up late at night to play online-games.All that change when he meet Iroha, his daughter from the future. She has traveled back in time by the use of magic(witch has been invented in the future) in order to save her father from himself. Naoki is going to(20 years from now) become a tyrant duo to his unhappy youth, and will also be executed after being thrown of the throne. Iroha believes that she can save her father by making sure that he will grow up happy, and she is ready to use every single magical girl trick she has.
Number 6 Parasyte.
Shinichy wakes up one morning to find a snake-like creature trying to get into his body by digging into his right arm. Trying to get the creature out of his body, he manege to stop what apparently is a very intelligent parasite from taking over his whole body. But it's still inside of his right arm, and can control and shape it as it is pleased. Shinichy and the parasite(witch he has named Migi) must now try to coexist as best as possible.
collection of short stories, including a very dark take on the classic fairy-tale about  Snow White.
Number 4 Log Horizon.
Online game turned into nightmare, when thousand of players find themselves trapped inside the game. There is no way out, and even death cant get them out of this limbo of never-ending battle and the strong ones tyranny of the weak.
Number 3 Liar Game.
Nao Kanzaki is to honest for her own good. She has never told a lie in her life and instantly trust people on their word. So she of coarse panics when she gets 100 million yen by mail, and a note that tells her that she is now part of a contest called "Liar Game," and she must now use any means necessary to steal her opponents money, before he does. And she must make sure to pay back the 100 million yen she received, or else she will be in dept to the men behind the tournament.
Number 2 Monster.
Kenzo Tenma is a young but brilliant neurosurgeon. One day, a young boy is send to operation after being shot in the head. But when Tenma is about to start the very difficult operation, he is told to leave the child to someone else, since the mayor is in need of his amazing skills. But Tenma decides to not leave the boy, since he is probably the only person skilled enough to save him.
This is a decision that will haunt him for the rest of his life...
Number 1 MxO
Taiga Kuzumi have failed the test to attend the Seinagi Private High School. Skulking around the school, he is mistaken for a student who ditch class, and is dragged into the school-ground by a teacher. Taiga now discover that the school is actually a school of magic.
Normally, Taiga's memory should have been erased, but he is instead offered to become a student at Seinagi. He will get the chance to obtain magical abilities, if he is lucky.
But until he learn to do so, he must act as if he actually have magical powers, so he wont be exposed and kicked out of the school. And the chances of keeping low profile is at the size at snowballs in hell, since he quickly gets a reputation as a genius student.

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