Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back from the grave with info.

Hey folks, I'm back!
Apparently Death enjoy my 5-panels, and therefor made me the deal of my lifetime... literally. But she wanted something in return, and I guess I shouldn't complain, being alive and all, but...

I feel so... NAKED!
But you may ask what I'm going to do about Deadpool, him taking over the site and all. But I have already taken care of it; I told him about a certain comic-book named Thunderbolts, and lets just say that his priorities changed a bit.
Anyway, I'm back, so it's back to doing 5-panels. I have a couple of ideas, including Chaos War and Future Imperfect, and I shall try and do them as fast as possible, so I can focus on my Christmas special. It's not going to be all laughs, because its going to be a look at my favorite team comic, but I hope you would take a look at it anyway.
And I would also like to remind you that I'm on Twitter and Facebook, if it is of any interest.
And, of coarse, if you have a request, then I shall do my best to make a 5-panel about it.
Thank you for your time, ladies and gentlemen. See ya tomorrow with my review of Busiek's Defenders

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