Thursday, October 10, 2013

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 12.

Let's start of with possibly the most disturbing comic series I have ever read. YES, more desturbing than Sandman.
What happens when you let an alternative rock-musician write a comic? You get the chaos that is Umbrella Academy; The Apocalypse suite.
Seven children, all born on the same day by women who weren't pregnant, gets adopted by a mysterious man named Hagreeves, who trains the children to become superheroes, so that they one day can save the world.
...Yeah, it needles to say that their childhood... weren't a very happy one.
Today, as adults, their team has disbanded YEARS ago, but when their "father" die, and they all get together to attend his funereal(unwillingly), bad sh%t happens!
This book is insane, but in the good kind of way. It shows how horrifying the superhero genre really can be, when you take it to the max, so to say. Get it as fast as possible, and prepare yourself for mindf%ck!
Everyone loves Zatanna. And it is sad that her own series were published so close to the DC reboot. I have only read the first 6 issues in the TPB called; "Zatanna; The Mistress Of Magic",  but I am VERY satisfied. A great book with a supernatural superhero and lots of demons and other dark creatures of the underworld. I cant wait to read more.
Did I mention that Zatanna is the main character? Then what are you waiting for? GO! Read it already!!!


  1. I think Zatanna has gotten much respect from readers and her fellow superheroes that she works with. I have enjoyed her many stories with the JLA. Her father first appeared in what is today the world's most valuable comic book, Action Comics number 1.

    1. I agree, she is defiantly a fan favorite.
      If that is so, does that mean that Zatara is the second DC superhero and older than Batman?