Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Not-White Month: All New Atom.

You ever feel like wanting to shrink down and just disappear from the rest of the world?
Ray Palmer did that. Literally.
And who could blame him? His ex, who he was about to get together with again KILLED one of his closest friend's wife in a rather horrifying way.
But even though Ray Palmer is gone, the world still needs The Atom.
"All New Atom" follows the adventures of Ryan Choi, Ray Palmer's pen pal from Hong Kong. After Ray's disappearance, Ryan moves to Ivy Town in order to take Ray's job as university teacher. But he also takes the role of his idol's identity as the Mighty Mite. Not so much for the sake of being a superhero, but for the joy of being a science experiment on legs, and the trill of being on the size of an atom.
But Ryan has to take the role as hero as well, because Ivy is one weird-ass town, filled with flying heads, giant women, alien gods and monsters form crappy Japanese movies.
The Atom's world is a strange mass of magic and science-fiction, which makes the stories wonderfully unpredictable. Anything can really happen. Seeing the world through Ryan's eyes is not boring at all, and has plenty of smart-ass quotes from some of the smartest men in the world, both those from the real world and them that only exist in the DCU(my favorite being a Lex Luthor quote).
Did I mention that the series was written by Gail Simone? What do I really have to say but; Gail Simone wrote this series?
That's all for now. Next time; the hero who's keeping it real.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.


  1. Ryan Choi had a great fun run. I loved the retro scifi tone of his book. Then, DC ruined it in some other book, like all my favorite characters...