Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Watchmen in 5 panels(W2 style)

(I know Linkara already made one, but I want to try it anyway)

Dear diary, I assaulted some guy who barely talked to me and broke two of his fingers. I am the bestes vigilante ever.

I had a sexual relationship with a blue superhuman for YEARS, and he can still find ways to surprise me and/or make me fell unconformable.

I'm on Mars, building a castle of glass. If I had human enthusiasm, I would have considered this "awesome."

I will not let the Russians blow up America!


I am going to do it myself!


 Aaand this is pretty much my one contribution to the plot...

I'm a bloody genius!

(Honestly, Watchmen is the comics answer to the Godfather-movies, but you already knew that, right?)
Special thanks to Eyz, please check out his blog( as well as his Deviantart(


  1. Haha! I always enjoy that random Alan Moore photo as a punchline!

    (although I would have probably either moved that comedian panel at the end before the punchline OR at least remove the "and" part from that caption to make it work better as opening line)