Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not-White Month: Mighty Avengers.

I disliked Mighty Avengers before it was published.
And that was very narrow-minded of me, I admit it. Especially since my philosophy is that you should never judge a comic before you read it, since there is no such thing as a bad idea for a comic-book. Heck, even One More Day has some sort of potential. Yes, is sucks that it annihilated Peter and MJ's marriage, but it could have potential, and, in the hands of the right writer, well... I'm not saying that it wouldn't be a challenge, but if Kaine could be the main character of his own comic, then EVERYTHING is possible.
But we are not here to talk about OMD. We are here to take a look at Mighty Avengers vol. 2.
AKA; the team book with black people in it.
And that's why I disliked it from the start. The same reason to why I dislike Birds Of Prey.
Is it a problem that there are extremely few colored people on the Avengers and the Justice League? Yes. But you don't solve it by making a team with only one white guy, who's role is to be the evil whitey that you stick it to. And that is basically what Spider-Man (possessed Doc Octopus) is; an uptown jerk that needs to be taught a lesson. And just like Birds Of Prey, the series end up being filled up with stereotypes.
And how come it's only Afro Americans? No Persians? How about some Asian superhero, we almost never see those in comics.
But that's okay, really. Stereotypes are not always a bad thing. Especially when it comes to superhero stories. Heck, Luke is THE stereotype-hero of Marvel. I may not like BOP, but I can still recognize that the writing is amazing. So it's not my cup of tea, so what? I dislike the idea of Mighty Avengers, but that doesn't make it a bad series.
But having poor dialogue does. AND that this is ANOTHER Avengers spin-of. And it really didn't have to be. In fact, at the beginning of the series, we see Luke Cage, White Tiger and the second Powerman in action as Heroes For Hire. Now THAT would be great!
But not only is this NOT a Heroes For Hire series; it MOCKS Heroes For Hire! Even Luke, the original super-powered bodyguard/private eye, describing it as a face, something he grew out of.
And the art... Seriously, most of the time, it looks like Luke is telling a dirty joke, but then again; the artist for this series was Greg Land AKA the porn artist.
BUT... calling it terrible is not fair. In fact, it's not that bad, it's... okay. But that's about it.
And that's sadly all for this years Not-White Month. But October is near, so I better find some spooky Halloween reading.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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