Thursday, September 10, 2015

Not-White Month: Prince Of Power.

You eve feel... cheated... when you read a Greg Pak comic?
Surprisingly many of his comics has... well, similarities is a word for it. They are mostly about a hero with extreme power who are misunderstood by those he wish to protect, often hunted by them.
Like the Hulk.
Or Hercules.
Or War Machine.
Or Storm.
Or Alpha Flight.
Or Superman.
That's right, SUPERMAN! Superman is, when Pak writes him, and misunderstood giant, hunted by those he protect! You see my problem here?!
Don't misunderstand, I love Pak's writing(the exception being his Storm series). It's exiting, it's funny and he does plenty of research on the heroes he write, and even use characters that has been in comicbook limbo for years.
But today, we will take a look at a four issue mini, with a hero he created himself as main character.
"Prince Of Power" takes place after the "death" of Hercules, and is about his sidekick; Amadeus Cho, a 17 year old punk and one of the 7th smartest humans on the planet. After Herc's great sacrifice, Cho is now the go-to guy whenever a mythic monster needs to be slayed.
But Cho discovers that Hercules is not death, but lost in the omniverse, and the only way to find him and get him home is by achieving godhood.
That's right, AMADEUS CHO, sociopath teen who sided with the Hulk during the World War Hulk is going to become an actual god. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!
When I read a Marvel comic with a god in it, I sometimes wonder; do they even TRY to make this guy like the actual god? Seriously, Marvel Thor has NOTHING to do with the actual mythic god! He is not even red haired, for Christ sake!
But in this series, it really seems like Pak did his research. He actually got the Egyptian after life right of the bat. He actually knows what kind of god Hathor/Sekhmet is. It feels good to read a comic written by a guy who knows what he is talking about and doesn't just make Loki the god of Evil because, hey, that's easy! Pak even points out that Thor's followers were a bunch of hooligans who killed monks while being high on mushrooms!
And it's also great to see Cho in action as the new Prince Of Power. If you don't know Cho, then let me explain how he works: You know that Iron Man is a superhero because he is smart enough to build high-tech armor, right? and that Hank Pym is a superhero because he is smart enough to invent science that's like magic? Well, Cho is a superhero BECAUSE he is smart. Sure, he is armed with Herc's trusty mace and a force-field, but he mainly kicks ass because of his chocolate fueled brain. He is just as destructive as the Hulk, only he smash up everything with his brain, so to say.
Even though "Prince Of Power" was mainly build up to the badass crossover event "Chaos War"(that for some bizarre reason had no effect on the Marvel U) it's still good. It was, most importantly of all; fun, something superhero comics should be by definition, and if you ever doubted that Amadeus Cho was awesome, then you will, after reading this four issue mini, no longer be in doubt. 6 out of 5 stars.
That's all for now. Next time, ANOTHER Asian superhero who are bearing the mantle of a white guy.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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