Thursday, May 22, 2014

Manga-Mania May: Midory Days.

Seiji can be described in one word: Feared. He is the most frightening guy in town, and is especially infamous for his "devil's right-hand." But what good does it Seiji, when all he really want is a cute girlfriend?
Do to his reputation as the toughest and scariest guy in his school, all the girls are scared of the poor guy, who therefor must settle with porn-magazines.
But then came the day where his 17-years life's dream comes true, and also becomes a nightmare.
Good news is that after waking up one morning, Seiji has now found a cute girl. Her name is Midori, and she totally in love with Seiji, and has been for a looooong time(3 years, to be specific).
Bad news: She is his right hand.
How come manga can pull of the weirdest and at first very creepy-sounding stories and make them work almost every time? Seriously, what is the secret?
This is a unique, heartwarming, and also very funny little series from the manga-genius; Kazurou Inoue, who also wrote Ai Kora and Aoi Destruction(that I will eventually review). It's not as sex-fixated as Ai Kora, but it has it's fair share of sex-jokes, but not about Seiji's hand being a girl. Guess Inoue knew that hammering it in wasn't necessary.
Besides the dity jokes and really weird moments that almost make the guy with the girl as a hand normal, it's just so gosh-darn adorable. Midori is simply to cute for words.
This manga is translated to English, so you should be capable of finding it in your local manga-shop. I highly recommend it. There is a anime too, but it's nowhere close as the manga. Not that it' not good, the manga is just longer, so you get more story.
One down, 11 to go.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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