Sunday, November 3, 2013

Incredible Hulk; Future Imperfect in 5 panels.

 Hulk is the funniest there is!
 I told Rick that Ebay is addictive!
 Face it Hulk! You will never be king of "Gay Chicken"!
 Ridicules hair, dont fail me now!
Stop hitting myself! Stop hitting myself! Stop hitting myself!

1 comment:

  1. Panel 1: I’m not as Strange as the other guy, promise...
    Panel 2: On tonight’s episode of Hoarders...
    Panel 3: Face to face with the possible future.
    Panel 4: This is my audition for Medusa in this upcoming Inhumans TV Show! You can’t fail me now, hair!
    Panel 5: He may be an evil version of me, but I must stop hitting him!

    Now that I’m a Marvel fan, I must say this was a very nice comic.