Saturday, November 23, 2013

Prologue to the New Warriors look back.

The New Warriors is, if not my favorite superhero-team, my favorite Marvel team. But it has recently occurred to my that it has been a while since I have read the series, and I wonder; is it as good as I remember, or is it just nostalgia? And since the new New Warriors series is coming next spring, it would be a good idea to tell you about what came before, and that they were more than the group who blew up Stanford. But before we take a look at it, lets figure out who this guys are, and what they did before they became a team.
Namorita is the daughter of Namora, Namors cousin.  After her mother's death, Namorita(or Nita among friends) has lived on the surface world, since Namor entrusted her welfare to his longtime human-friend, Betty Prentiss. Nita is proud of her Atlantean heritage, but she also has a great deal of happiness with her life on the surface world, where she is also getting her college education. We later learn that she is actually a clone of her "mother" who were sterile, and therefor had a foster-clone of herself, with DNA from all Atlantis dead heroes, operated into her by a mad Atlantean scientist… You know, I would have settled with adoption, but hey, I’m weird like that.
Besides the natural abilities of an Atlanean, she has, like Namor, the mutant ability to fly, can breathe on land, and her strength is superior to full-blooded Atlanteans. And she will later mutate into a blue super-Atlantean with extra abilities… but gets turned pink again, because: Screw you, character development.

I have already talked about Speedball in my review of his solo-series, you can read it here!
You probably know Firestar from "Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends", but in the comics, she is... different.
Angelica Jones(or Angel among friends) was one of the not so lucky mutants. Instead of being offered a place at the Xavier Institute, she was getting “help” from Emma Frost. Angel took the name Firestar, and she quickly became very powerful mutant with an outstanding control over her mutant ability to control and project microwave energy. Emma Frost planned to make Firestar her personal assassin, and did everything she could to turn her into a social outcast, like letting her have a couple of tragic event, such as the death of a horse he cared a great deal about, and letting her have as few relationships as possible, in order to make her asocial… HOW THE HELL DID EMMA FROST BECOME A MEMBER OF THE X-MEN? SHE IS FLIPPING EVIL!!!
When Angel finally realize that Frost was the cause of all her misery, and her true intentions with her “education,” a very peeved Angel destroyed Frost base, kicked Frost's telepathic ass, and made her swear that she would get the hell out of her life, and leave her friends and family alone too. BADASS!!!
Angel had no interest in being a superhero, so she came home to her father, and lived a normal life.
Vance Astrovic possibly has the weirdest origin of all the Warriors. As a teenager, he was contacted by his future counterpart, Major Victory, who wanted to save Vance from a future the Major had to suffer, including living the rest of his life in a containment suit. But, unintentionally, he ended up screwing up the poor boys. 
BTW; I dont know much about Major Victory, besides that he is the founder and leader of the team named Guardians Of The Galaxy, so please tell me if it is a good series.
After Major Victory made the boy give up being an astronaut, Vance mutagen, who granted him telekinesis, activates much earlier than Victory’s did, and this gave birth to two timelines, where the teenage Vance belonged in the 616 one (the mainstream universe). Vance's father, who abused him physically, now had an extra reason to beat up his son. Vance ran away from home and joined a wrestling-show under the name “Marvel Boy.” He met and became friend with the Thing, who also were a wrestler at the moment too, and he convinced the kid to go home after a serious talk with Vance's parents.
Richard Rider was a normal teenager, besides having an extremely intelligent little brother. He would probably end up with a normal life(or as normal as possible, living in the Marvel Universe) if it wasn't for the Nova Corps, an intergalactic peace-keeping force that was based on the planet Xandar, kinda like the Green Lantern Corps. The planet Xandar was destroyed (get used to that, it’s a bad habit Xandar has), and with it, the Nova Corps. The dying Nova Prime was in need of a successor, and he picked Rich to receive the Nova Force, which gave him  super-strength, durability and the ability to fly. He was also granted an alien-tech helmet. Rich started a superhero career as Nova, the Human Rocket.
After restoring the planet Xandar (long story), and been in space for over a year, Rich wanted to go home, and agreed to give up the Nova Force. A decision he would later regret, since he had missed his chance to get his high school education, had to get a crappy job as burger flipper, and his girlfriend Ginger was now engaged to, what would soon be, a very abusive husband... Bummer.

This are the heroes who would form the New Warriors. Tomorrow, we shall take a look at the very first issue, and I shall try to control my inner 90's kid and be as critical as possible.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.


  1. This is fantastic! Nice run down on the members although they are all scattered now.

    1. Thanks:) I hope you will enjoy the rest of the retrospective.