Friday, January 17, 2014

My worst 5-panel.

Hey guys, I have made 50 different kinds of 5-panel (I know you dont care, but it matters to me) so to celebrate, I have decided to post the worst 5-panel I made. This is the only 5-panel I sincerely regret that I made (then again, I fell a little bit ashamed of my Identity Crisis too) and I didn't even bother re-posting it on my blog (I used to post 5-panels on But I guess its time to admit that even thought I'm amazing, and have many qualities (like my modesty), I have my flaws.
BUT, I have now tried to improve it a bit. If you want to see the original disaster, you can see it here
Here is the, hopefully, better version:

Hey, I'm Alex Luthor. I'm here because Johns couldn't make up a new villain.
We are second-stringers! Blink and you will miss us! 
 ... Is Alex compensating for something?
 Die, expendable characters! DIE!!!
We will disappear for a year, come back, and all of our mistakes will be forgotten.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Avengers Vs. X-men(?) in 5 panels.

Hmm... Providing free energy, food and water to all humanity, end armed conflicts, build floating buildings, make whales with legs... SHIT! I forgot to restore mutantkind!
Pietro, I'm going to be part of a good series after this event, right?... Pietro?... Pietro, why aren't you saying anything?

... Oops...
 Well, I guess I should arrest all the X-men who supported the Phoenix Five, but... Meh.
I was important! Yay!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Scarlet Spider in 5 panels.

My name is Kaine, and I am not a superhero.
Yes, I'm dressed in a brightly-colored costume...
...And I live in a town, witch I protect...
...And I have a teenage-protégé...

...And I fight super-powered criminals...
But I'm totally not a superhero.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Superman And The Legion Of Superheroes in 5 panels.

Wow... I'm been gunshot.
Kill all aliens!!!
Stop killing all aliens!!!
And once again, hornyness saves the day!!!