Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The quest for lost comics: A handful of issues 4

I got some new issues, all of them not collected in any kind of TPB. Let's see if they are forgotten treasures, or deserves to be left behind.
I am a big Kyle Rayner fan, but I have not been able to collect all of the issues from his solo-series yet. But this is so far my favorite issue, even though it's not officially part of the actual series.
Here, we not only have a bunch of team-ups, but we also have a great band of writers, such as Marv Wolfman, Chuck Dixon, Dan Abnett and Mark FREAKING Waid(Or as I like to call him, the king of comics)!
We see Kyle talk girls with Aquaman, look at art with Big Barda, being Impulse's mind-slave, and much more with Kyle kicking ass at the same time! One of the best comics I have read for a long time and the best buy of April.
But I do feel cheated a bit, since the cover says: "Team-Ups from A to Z" but it only(?) has seven stories:(
But then again, if it was suppose to have 26 different stories, then it would require more than 80 pages.
Oh, and even though she is mainly a side character in the Guy Gardner team-up, we have the awesomeness that is Lady Blackhawk! This was from back when she worked at Guy's bar named Warriors. In fact, here is Lady Blackhawk being awesome in the team-up:
Man, she's fine!
You know what I like about crossovers? The tie-ins. The tie-ins are not only a way to fill up the holes and give us the stories within the story, but it's also a way to create attention for other series and make new readers jump aboard.
Unless it's Damage issue 0.
Zero Hour is one of my favorite crossovers, and it's tie-in issues (who were all published as issue zeroes) introduced me to two of my favorite superheroes; Connor Hawke AKA the second Green Arrow, and Jack Knight, the possibly best known Starman. But after reading Damage, I now have NO INTEREST AT ALL in trying to find the rest of the series.
The most of the issue is about Damage being angry at the hero Munro, because he believes that he is his father, and he therefor destroy a lot of stuff, and end up blowing up a city, and get arrested.
What really is a problem for this story is that I have NO IDEA what is going on! Even though I hadn't read Green Arrow until issue zero, I got that Oliver Queen was a man of regrets and sorrow, who tried to run away from both his pain, as well as the authorities. I got the most of he story, and it mae me want to read more. This feeling I didn't have when I was reading Damage issue zero, I just wanted it to be over with!
When I was a kid, me and my father (god rest his soul) had a videotape with some episodes from the 80's series Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends. I unfortunately do not have this tape anymore due to unknown reasons, but watching the tape with my father is still a found memory of mine, so I have a soft spot for this Scooby Doo of the superheroes. So I of coarse HAD to get this one-shot issue comic adaption of the first episode of the show. Or to be fair, there is a couple of differences between this comic and the actual episode, but still. And beside being a object of nostalgia, it is also a important collectors item for me as a New Warriors fan, since this is TECHNICALLY the first ever appearance of Firestar, my favorite member of the Warriors (Sorry Nova).
And the story itself is great too, with lots and lots of 80's goofiness. If you happen to stumble over this little pearl, then do not hesitate and BUY IT!

That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Infinity War in 5 panels.

It appear that I could be considered the "hero" of this tale. How... unsettling.

... Makes you wonder how these guys survived the Secret Invasion...
My god, the crappy 90's character-designs are taking over the world!
We are the Avengers, Alpha Flight, X-Men and Nova! We where the one who... We where reasponsable for... We... What did we do again?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My top 9 comics in 5 panels.

I actually thought a couple of times about doing this, but decided that it would be a bad idea, since it would make me look like a haughty prick.But then I remembered that I AM in fact a haughty prick:)
Okay, seriously, the reason to why I do this list is that while working on my blog, I actually think I have started to look at comic-books differently, after becoming a sort of internet reviewer. And I would like to tell you why THIS nine 5-panels are special to me. Not because they are the funniest, but because they mean something to me. So here they are, my top nine comics in 5 panels:

Nbr. 9: Avengers Vs. X-Men in 5 panels.

This was actually the one that really gave me a headache. It was possibly my second, maybe third fan request, and I used two weeks to figure out how to pull this one. The hard part was that it really irritated me that pretty much only half of the story was about the X-Men fighting the Avengers, with the rest being about the rest of the world against the Phoenix Five.
And that was when it hit me: A Vs. X ENDED when Cyclops and his pals became the Phoenix Five. Then it was actually kind of  easy.

Nbr. 8: Wanted in 5 panels.

This is not only a parody of what some jackass once called "the Watchmen for super-villains" but pretty much the formula of what appears to be 75 percent of Millar's comic-books.
No, seriously, think about it!
Also, this was the first 5-panel where I used photos of myself in it, a gimmick that apparently works pretty well.

Nbr. 7: Manga Love Story in 5 panels.

Because of the troll effect :)
This was my way to give the finger to what I consider one of the worst titles to stair a female lead. A lot of people think that this is a series with strong, independent women. I THINK that it's one with a rude bunch of unlikable bitches! Seriously, I think I may be the only person who wasn't pissed over Oracle becoming Bat-Girl again.

Nbr. 5: Infinite Crisis in 5 panels.

Remember what I said about becoming a sort-of reviewer changed my view on comics? THIS is the prime example!
When I first made this one on Comicvine, it was a rush-job. It was back when I was almost fixated about my 5-panels, and tried too hard to make at least two every week. But after deciding to try and fix it half a year later, I had to read Infinite Crisis again. And while looking for joke material, I came to a stunning conclusion:
Good thing I realized this, since I was THIS close to buy it online from Amazon, instead of getting it from the library. An it's so weird, since I remembered it very fondly.
But I was glad that I a) could fix what was my worst 5-panel(even though you guys claims that it's Death Note, witch I still don't get), and b) stopped myself from buying a expensive comic I wouldn't enjoy.

Nbr. 4: Nova; Alienation in 5 panels.

This is possibly my most accurate 5-panel.

Nbr. 3: Watchmen in 5 panels

I had a lot of doubt about this one. I worried about being disrespectful to Linkara by doing this one, but then I realized that he probably didn't even know I existed, so what the heck:P
Its not that I don like the original 5-panel version, it's just that I had my own idea of how it could be made (not HOW IT SHOULD BE, since his works too.)
Not to mention that I made one of my personal jokes with it:

Dear diary, I broke two fingers from a guy who barely looked at me. I am the bestes vigilante ever.
Alright, so Deadpool is better than me to make 5-panels. But I have no guilt whatsoever for taking over the blog from him, since he killed my pal MatteoGP:( BTW, check out his Deviantart: http://mahaha1985.deviantart.com/
My first 5-panel, and, if I may say so myself, my best. What else can I say? This will always be the pearl of them in my eyes.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Manga Love Story in 5 panels.

Due to this being rated as inappropriate for viewer under 18, you have to click on the links below to see the 5-panel.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Love Hina in 5 panels.

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Keitaro who studied hard to get into the university Todai.

And then one day, Naru got possessed by a evil sword.

 Keitaro's little sister tried to seduce him.
Seta had to escape from the army of Molmol.

 And a gigantic turtle prevented Keitaro and Naru from having sex.

 ...And they all lived happily ever after. The end...

What the firetruck did I just read?!?!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hataraku Mao-sama in 5 panels.

I shall crush the pitiful humans under my heel!

One month later...

Screw world conquering, I'm employee of the month!

 Its not stalking, if you are a hero of light.

Considering that this is the lord of lust, he is kind of a dumb-ass for not realizing that she has a crush on him.

 I became a general of evil for THIS?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cry For Justice review.

James Robinson (one of my favorite writers of all time) has possibly made the single best Justice League story I have read. In Cry For Justice, he takes a bold look at how the JLA has acted in the past, what is been going on in the DCU, and how real heroes should act in the future, and not just wait for something to happen.
He addresses what makes a hero a hero, and what separates the heroes from the villains. I loved the change of pace with the League.
And you don't have to be aware of what has recently happened in the DCU to pick-up this book, Robinson fills us in as to the heroes motives and give us enough information to where anyone could pick this up and enjoy it without being confused! Not many comics can do that.
Prometheus as the main villain is a badass. I love it when they make C- or D-list villains suddenly badass. It worked for Dr. Light in Identity Crisis, and it worked for Prometheus here.
I know that the dark tone may throw some people off, as well as the strife among the heroes. But I think it makes for a much more interesting read than just your typical "super team versus big menace" story-line. And I realize that a lot of people were upset about what happened to Roy, but I dig his new attitude that came in the Rise Of Arsenal series that came after Cry For Justice.
Not only do you get the treat of Robinson's writing in this book, but Mauro Cascioli's art witch I have always been a fan of, and I love all his depictions of the various characters.

Awesome, amazing book with a jaw-dropping ending note to boot. I dont remember enjoying a series this much since Civil War.
I,m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.
Aprils fool, this comic sucks!