Sunday, September 29, 2013

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 7

Well, I'm almost out of Halloween books, but I have a few more to recommend.
Remember when I told you that the Arkham Asylum tie-in to "Battle Of The Cowl" was the second most unpleasant Arkham story I have ever read? Well, here is number one: Arkham Reborn!
After the destruction of the original asylum, Arkham have now been rebuild, and is better than ever. Some of the patients are actually making progress. To bad that wont last for weary long, since the Black Mask has plans of his own...
Arkham Reborn is a three issue miniseries about how a small spark of hope ends up being gunned down, stabbed, drowned, then ripped to pieces, and shoved inside a sack full of scorpions. DON'T MISS IT!!!
Underworld Unleashed is a three part story about a demonic like being named Neron, who claims to be the devil himself (so does five other guys...). He abducts all the bad guys of the DCU and offers them a deal: their hearts desire in exchange of their mortal soul. This gives a lot of the baddies a serious upgrade, and they start to run amok all over the world. All part of Neron’s plan to make the world one hell of a place. And he doesn't stop with villain. He even offer heroes the opportunity to make a contract with him. And surprisingly many does so...
Underworld Unleashed is awesome. It is one of my favorite Mark Waid comics, and my favorite event comic of all time. And hey, what is Halloween without at least one story about Satan?
So go! Find it! Buy it!! READ IT!!! Sell your soul, if necessary!

That's all for now. See ya!

Invincible issue 0-100 in 5 panels.

... I need a drink!!!

Makes two of us.

(But seriously, Invincible is a excellent comic-book series, but DEAR GOD, it can be depressing!)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 6

Here are the review of the day. Starting with my favorite Blackest Night tie-in.
Imagine this: All-american small town attacked by zombies. Carnage everywhere in this ones so peaceful little town. Can it be more terrifying than that?
With the emotion- manipulating Psycho-Pirate as one of the overpowered zombies: NO!
The story's writer is James Robinson, a great writer, even though he wrote the abomination that is Cry For Justice. One of the stories greatest strengths is, that Robinson clearly understand the nature of the Black Lantern rings ability to "see" emotions and use it to it's fullest potential in this three issue mini-series. One problem COULD be that the choice of zombie to haunt Superman(in this case, the Golden Age Superman from Earth 2) is not as emotional as the other Black Lanterns. Dick Grayson meets his parents, Beast Boy his evil girlfriend, Wonder Woman the man she killed, but Superman... face his parallel earth version... It's well written, with GA Sups reminding Clark what he could have been and never will be capable of, but it's not as strong as the other Black Lantern.
But it's still a very good story. Thumbs up!
Adam Strange, Animal Man and Starfire. This three heroes who couldn't be more different, makes somehow a great team. After being lost in space for almost a year, this three heroes are finally home. So... what now? Fast-spreading virus that makes people bloodthirsty psychos who kill everyone, THAT'S WHAT!
You may argue with me that this is not a horror story, but I would then ask you to take a look at Animal Mans son trying to stab his sister with a knife, and then tell me if you still think that it's not.
A good story for the entire year, but Halloween, too.

That's all for now. See ya!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Avengers Vs. X-Men in 5 panels.

Look Summers, lets just say, for the sake of the argument, that your plan (that involve a destructive force that have to destroy before it give rebirth) works. WHY would you do that? How come creating more mutants are so important? Weren't you problem to begin with that you were feared and loathed by humanity? Why would you want that to anyone? And why Hope? Rachel controlled the Phoenix Force before, so why not her?

Cause you are a poophead Cap, THAT'S WHY!!!

Bonds are forever broken! ... Again... This is REALLY getting old.

What the heck do we need jets for? Have you seen the size oh that island?

Arise, Mega Ultra Chicken! ARISE!!!

No seriously. From then, its pretty much "Five Mutants Vs. Everyone Else."
(But jokes aside, its not Shakespeare, but it IS a pretty cool comic)

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 5

Here we go again. Today, we shall take a look at a n52 title
The first horror-book I have ever read, and still my favorite(even though some wouldn't call it horror) is The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. It may not be the first story about a side of us we dont show, but it's the best known, and an idea re-used thousands of times for many years. One example could be the Golden Age villain Thorn, who were remade again in National Comics: Rose And Thorn.
And DEAR LORD is it creepy!!! I haven't read much n52, mostly because I dont want to support it, but I really like this story. It's about a young incessant girl named Rose, who one day wakes up covered in blood. And that's not even the worst part! She slowly discover how messed up she really is, and she realizes that she is now an out-of-control monster!
... But is that a bad thing?
It's really a shame that this is nothing more than an one-shot issue, it has a ocean of potential.
Kirkman is a brilliant writer, there is no denying it(even though I'm not too happy about his Invincible series at the moment). But I'm not that big a fan of Marvel Zombies. Mostly because of the curse of being a natural-born nitpick. Sure, I enjoyed it, but it has a few problems. Not major, but still. But hey, I still liked it. In a "Dear god, I can't believe I like this messed up story! I'm a horrible person!!!" kind of way. It's actually pretty funny for a story about heroes who unwillingly kill the world they have used years to protect, including all of their loved ones.
Did I mention that they eat them? Messed up! I highly recommend it, but dont read it before there has gone an hour after the last time you had food.
I'm dead serious!
... Heh, dead:)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Avengers Forever in 5 panels.

So I am one of the most powerful creatures in the universe?... Dear god, we are screwed!
I am Kang, king of midlife crisis!
Okay people, we all know the ground rules: If you dont have any idea of what is going on, punch someone randomly!
You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!
(But seriously, Avengers Forever is one of the most epic comicbooks of all time)

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 4

New Halloween recommendations, starting with one hell of a bad-ass comic-book:
The Spectre, now without a human host, has been convinced by Eclipso that magic is evil. The Spectre then starts his rampage to destroying all magic. The magical heavy-hitters, like Dr. Fate, are out of the game, so it's up to a team made of magical second-stringer heroes to stop the wrath of god gone mad.
I have a few problems with this comic. Like, well, Spectre works for God! GOD!!! How can he go on a rampage without God knowing? What, is he busy helping a stupid kid win a baseball match? But beside that(and Jean Loring being Eclipso) I love it for its bad-assness. So read Day Of Vengeance. It has a drunk, immortal, super smart chimpanzee detective! What more do you want?!
Sandman is one hell of a nasty series, and not for people with a weak stomach. I had nightmares after reading Preludes And Nocturnes, and had to call in sick, because I didn't sleep well that night. But enough of that, let's talk about my favorite story from issue four: A Hope In Hell.The king of dreams must travel to Hell in his search for his helmet (long story) and finds a demon who now owns it. Unfortunately, the demon got it by trade with a human, and it is therefor his by right. But the demon will give it up, IF the king of dreams will fight him in a battle of who has the greatest imagination.
What makes this issue so great is the artwork. It's more revolting than anything I remember seeing in a comic-book. And I have seen PLENTY! And the "duel" of imagination between Dream and the demon is magnificent! I remember rereading it at least ten times before returning it to the library. But I'm not sue if I should tell you to buy it. Because if you do, it will haunt you at night. It will taunt you, every time you pass your bookshelf. It will remind you that you are but a human, it is MORE!
That's all for now. See you in your nightmares.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blackest Night in 5 panels.

Suck it, Marvel Zombies!
Oh, COME ON! I were king of the seas for like, 5 minutes!!!
Taste the rainbow, motherfuckers!!!
Anyone else who has a OH SO FUNNY fish joke they wanna tell? Anyone?
We are now alive again!
But the most of us are going to die again.
So we can be reviewed as element-creatures.
So we can become the new Swamp Thing and fight the old Swamp Thing, that aren't the real one, who is now a black lantern, and then be restored to our real form, except for Hawkgirl who is still Swamp Thing.

... um...

Screw this! Were is my Rise Of Eclipso comic?
(but seriously, Blackest Night is good, but the tie-ins are better.)

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 3

Here are the new recommendations. And one of them is (again, but not surprisingly) about Arkham Asylum AKA Hell On Earth.
This one-shot issue takes place during the story-line Battle Of The Cowl, right after Batman's "death". The Black Mask has blown Arkham to pieces, in order to release all the inmates, who then run amok in Gotham City. But this comic is not so much about the actual battle of the fate of Gotham, but about Jeremiah Arkham, the tormented and twisted administrator of the asylum, who now looks at his life's work reduced to nothing more than a ruin.
This is, according to me, the second most unpleasant Arkham Asylum story I have ever read. I highly recommend it.

For once, I won't recommend an "official" comic-book, but a fan comic. In this case Grim Tales; Tales From Below.
The story mainly focuses on the children of Mandy and Grim from the Billy And Mandy cartoon (I know, just go with it): Grim Jr and Minimandy (again, just go with it), I would normally not read this kind of fan-fiction  but a friend of mine made me promise her that I would give it a shot. And I didn't regret it. Sure, the writing is not Busiek, in fact, the first chapter was a little difficult to get through, but its actually a lot of fun to read, in a really, REALLY dark way. If anything, read it for the great art. What do you have to lose? Its free to read on Snafu-Comics. But I must warn you; this is creepy stuff. Really, REALLY creepy stuff! Here is a link:

That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and I will see you in your nightmares.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fear Itself in 5 panels

I am Odin, and I love my son.
I think... COFF COFF... I know what its like to be Tempest...
How can I be part of 3 tie-ins at the same time and unconscious in one of them?
Getting drunk, the most heroic thing I have done in my life.
If you cant understand that this is pure awesomeness, buy a mirror so you can see a person without a soul.
... Dear god, I need a girlfriend...

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 2

Here is some other Halloween recommendations.
I’m not a huge fan of Hell Boy, but that is not the same as saying that I don’t see the awesomeness in the series. In fact, I would recommend that you read any Hell Boy comic you can find. But there is one of Hell Boy's fellow agents from the B. P. R. D. who interest me a great deal; the amphibious Abe Sapien. He is the star in this one-shot issue called The Haunted Boy. The story is more sad than disturbing (don’t worry, it IS pretty disturbing), but we can all use a little sadness in Halloween too, can’t we?
Last week, I recommended a comic about Arkham Asylum, and here is one more: Batman; Devils Asylum. It’s a tie-in to my favorite crossover comic of all time; Underworld Unleashed. The story is about an inmate, Kryppen, who are offered the deal of a lifetime … From the devil himself! Instead of focusing on the more famous lunatics like the Joker, who aren't even in the story, it focuses on Arkham Asylum that is filled up with madness and cruelty, with or without super-villains. And that's not all: I have a theory that Kryppen might not have made a deal with Neron at all. Think about it: Neron have been handing out deals left and right to villains and even a few heroes, but why Kryppen? His just a crazy nobody. And we never see Neron in the issue, which only support my theory that Kryppen is hallucinating, and that it's all in his head. Strange things happens so Kryppen can get what he need, but couldn't it be coincidences? My point being that this is either the story about the devil making Arkham worse than it already is(and that says something), or a tale of plain, ugly madness. Great one-shot issue.

That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and I will see you in your nightmares.