Monday, August 26, 2013


I have to cut down on the CI5P, because of school. I will try to have a new CI5P ready every week, but lets be honest; CI5P wont last forever. First of all, I have told you the best jokes I have, and I will eventually end up repeating myself. Not to mention that I only have so and so many comics on my bookshelf, and I don't have a job, so buying new comics is something I do once a month or something.
But I can almost for sure promise a new Quest For Lost Comics review every week, that's better than nothing.

Ultimates in 5 panels.

... Oh, whats the point?! There aren't booze enough in the world for this comic-series!

I'm a genius!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The quest for lost comics: JSA: Classified.

I LOVE the Justice Society Of America. They are my favorite superhero team (well, them or the New Warriors). The history of the team, the members, the most of the stories, I just love the JSA. And the fact that my favorite superhero Power Girl is a member of the team doesn’t make me like them less.

For those of you that do not have the slightest idea of who the JSA is, here is a quick introduction:

During WW2, the president asked the heroes of America to unite against the forces of Germany. After being caught in limbo for years, the JSA return to the world, but now as old men. The few of the old generation, that can still be part of the good fight now guide the new generation of the JSA that is made of their successors.

Now, let’s talk about the first JSA comic series I read: JSA Classified.

It’s a JSA-spinoff series. Instead of telling stories about the team, JSA Classified tells stories about the members of the team. And it is the first comic book series, not collected in TPB that I started to collect, even before I became a collector of “lost stories”. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The first four issues of JSA Classified are collected in the TPB “Power Girl” that collects not only JSA Classified, but also her origin in Showcase Presents 97-99 and her second origin (DC had a remake of their universe in the 80s, and it were decided that Superman should be the only survivor of Krypton, so Power Girl, who were his cousin, had no origin). I highly recommend this book, and it seems to me that you can’t call yourself a Power Girl fan without it on your bookshelf.

The second TPB collects JSA Classified 5 to 9, and is named Honor Amongst Thieves. But it’s actually not about any of the members of JSA, but about a team of villains; the Injustice Society (I know, just go with it). The story is about a bunch of bad guys, that may be rotten dirt bags, but they stick together, duo to a combination of practical need, loyalty and (dare I say it?) friendship. There is also an extra story about two of the senior members of JSA; the Flash and Wildcat. Read it, you won’t regret it.

The rest of the issues aren’t collected. I do not owe them all, but let’s take a look at what I have.
Issue 10 to 13 is about the JSA oldest villain; Vandal Savage. He is an immortal caveman who is just as smart as he is ruthless and evil. He is about to die, after losing his lab with spar organs, and, in desperation and insanity, makes a nonsensical vendetta against the JSA hero Green Lantern. I didn’t like the story, though it was too long.

Issue 14 to 16 is about a fight club arranged by a couple of bad guys, with kidnaped JSA members as the fighters. Stargirl, the youngest member of the team, must team up with the two heroes Vixen and Gypsy (former Justice League members) to save her team. I consider this story downright bad. And it doesn’t get better by the fact that the story is more of a JLA story than a JSA.

Issue 17 to 18 futures the second generation Hourman. By injecting a pill called Miraclo, he can be superhumanly strong for exactly 60 minutes. In this story, he gets contacted by the villain Bane who is about to die and therefore needs Hourman’s help to survive. Pretty good story, I enjoyed it.

Next we have, in issue 19 to 20, a story about this eras Doctor Midnight, an extremely talented doctor, who after losing his normal sight, gained the ability to see perfectly in pitch-black darkness. And he is perfect for this story, that I consider the third best JSA secret files story, about the mystery of stolen body parts from super humans. I will make some Halloween recommendations in August, but this might as well count as one. It may not be that “scary” but it is flipping nasty!

If anyone tells you that Hawkman is just a guy with a pair of wings, slap him in the face. Hawkman is BADASS, and issue 21-22 is one of the many proofs. But the story is, sort of, a tie-in to the event comic Ran-Thanager War, so it would be better if you read it first.

23 and 24 is the last issues I owe. Doctor Midnight is the main character again, where he this time have to find a serial killer who operates with a vampire theme. The story is… good, but not as good as the first story with Midnight, and the art could be better.

You know, I’m glad I reread these comics again. Some of them are better than I remembered. Still, in my search after not-collected comics, it’s still the last name on my list. You would probably enjoy the series more, if you know a little about the JSA, but I would still highly recommend the TPB Honor Amongst Thieves. But if you want a good place to start reading JSA, you should start with the TPB named JSA: Justice Be Done.

I’m Waezi2, thank you for wasting time with me.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Justice League International; the Signal Master in 5 panels

And you have to admit, last years company picnic WERE a little extreme.
Gee, you make one little DC reboot, and people goes nuts.
A whole new era of heroes start right here!
JLI; the Signal Master In 5 Panels were brought to you by this summers Grimm Line. Remember: real men dress Grimm.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kick-Ass in 5 panels (censored edition)

Well, I have learned my lesson: Always use TWO bats when you fight crime.
Hey, I'm Hit-Girl. I am totally realistic.
Hey, I'm Big Daddy... What was I thinking, when I took that name?
This is totally what gangsters do!
More bloody realism!!!
... What? If Millar aren't even trying, why should I?
(Well, what is there to say? Kick-Ass was kind of bland.)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh in 5 panels

... Dear lord... This is messed up! I thought this were suppose to be about card games for children!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The quest for lost comics: Underworld Unleashed.

Last time I visited a comic-bookstore, I saw a new omnibus version of Infinite Crisis. I thought for myself:
How come Underworld Unleashed hasn't been reprinted?

Underworld Unleashed is the story about a demonic like being named Neron, who claims to be the devil himself (so does five other guys... You know what could be awesome? A comic about the battle of the throne of hell!). He abducts all the bad guys of the DCU and offers them a deal: their hearts desire in exchange of their soul (good thing Mark Millar weren't the writer or it would have contained a lot of animals). This give a lot of the baddies a serious upgrade and they start to run amok. All part of Neron’s plan to make the world one hell of a place.

Coarse hey, who wouldn't make a deal with a satanic looking guy with glaring green eyes and a long cape to match? Sounds trustworthy, right?

Actually, that is one of the reasons I really like this story: Neron.
Neron doesn't hide the fact that he is evil. He declares himself the devil and lord of hell. In fact, THAT is the reason people want to make a deal with him. Even the heroes are tempted. Neron has an aura of power, supported by the fact, that he apparently has unlimited access to magic, and can beat up guys like Mongul with his bare hands, as easy as I take of my shirt. If anyone can grant you your heart’s desire, it’s this guy. Tell me, with full honesty, wouldn't you think twice before you said; no thanks, to this one in a lifetime chance of getting your heart’s desire?

And it did make a few changes to the DCU. For example: Lex Luthor, who were dying, got a healthy body at its prime. Gorilla Grodd, who had brain damage, got his mind restored. And my favorite change; Blockbuster gained intelligence that matched his strength, made himself a crime lord in the city Bl├╝dhaven, and became a resurrecting villain in the Nightwing comics.

And the Joker sold his soul in exchange of a box of cigars. God I love comics! XD

And it’s not often that we have a crossover event with a villain as one of the main character. In this case: The Trickster.

If I have to point fingers at anything, it must be the artwork, which I’m not a fan of, but it is a minor problem and a question of taste. Some complain about missing parts of the story, were you have to read the tie-ins, but it has not been a problem for me. The main story is still told in the actual tree issues of Underworld Unleashed.

Bottom-line is: Underworld Unleashed is awesome. It is one of my favorite Mark Waid comics, and my favorite event comic. So go! Find it! Buy it!! READ IT!!! Sell your soul, if necessary!

I am Waezi2, thanks for wasting time with me.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Otomen in 5 panels

No one will understand what I'm going trough. The pain of being a handsom kendo captain with good grades, liked by everyone in my school. God I hate my life.


I'm Son Goku with boobs.

Have anyone seen my nibbles? I've been looked for them everywhere.

Like flowers, or I will write your name in my deathnote!

(by the way; Otomen is my favorite manga.)

The Rise Of Eclipso in 5 panels

We are the Justice League, and we are fighting Eclipso on the moon! If it weren't for the fact that we are busy saving the world, we would properly realize how awesome that it is.
Hey, we are Domesday and Cyborg Superman. We are here to make you buy "Reign Of Doomsday." But why do that, when you could read THIS comic instead?
Being blue grants you unconditionally greatness.
I am Eclipso, and The Spectre is my bitch!
A size-changing golden gorilla with a human mind, shooting The Shade with a riffle made out of the blue energy of hope. AND the bullet contain the Atom and Starman. If you are not having nerdgasm right now, go to a doctor, NOW!


(But seriously, The Rise Of Eclipso was pure awesomeness!!! And my favorite JLA story with my favorite JLA-team.)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Chuck Dixons run on Green Arrow in 5 panels

Hello. My name is Connor Hawke, but you can call me Green Arrow!

Wait, I forgot to use arrows! Gimme a sec!

(How come none of Connor Hawke's adventures are collected in TPB? They are awesome!)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wanted in 5 panels

Kill people!!!
Insult the fourth wall!!!
Kill my father!!!
Rape the fourth wall!!!
I'm made out of excrement. 
... What the heck did I just read?
I'm a fucking genius!
(But seriously, Wanted was kinda dull, just saying)

Civil War in 5 panels

I have only made good decisions since I put on this mask.

Punch everything! That is the american way!!!

A cyborg-clone of Thor? I AM really the W Bush of comics!

Politic and philosophy is boring! MORE FIGHTING!!!

... Well, that could have gone better.

I'm a genius!
(honestly, Civil War had potential, but blew it)