Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bendis Month(and a half): Mighty Avengers.

After the crossover event "Civil War", the heroes of the Marvel U had been divided by ideology. Some heroes decided to become registered superheroes, while others chose to become outlaw heroes, hunted by both the government as well as heir former friends. Therefore, there was now two teams of Avengers; the outlaw freedom fighters and the government's own version of the Earth's mightiest heroes. Today, I'm going to voice my opinion about the later. It's a series called "Mighty Avengers".
Mighty Avengers title was doomed before Bendis even started to type the story.
The problem here is that Bendis was the writer of both New Avengers and Mighty Avengers. AND that he was unable to be neutral. It's pretty clear that Bendis was siding with the heroes who were against registration. And that's okay, he is allowed to side.
What is not okay is him manipulating us into being against pro-registration heroes. When Bendis writes Mighty Avengers, he makes the team as unlikable as he can. They are jerks, wackos and b%tches. He makes sure that we won't root for these guys at all.
And he even makes Iron Man look even more like a villain by making him build satellites that can control the weather.
Satellites that controls the weather!
And don't tell me that it's something Tony would do! It's not! And it's WAY out of his area. Look, we get it, Bendis. We do! You don't like Iron Man because you think he is an arrogant rich guy who wants to be king of the world. That power corrupt. But do you really have to mash it into our face that you don't like Iron Man? Do you have to make him the villain of Civil War? Can't you understand that he is not just YOUR character, that other writers are writing comics about Iron Man and at the same time tries to respect your continuity? Couldn't you do the same for them, instead of making him the Judas Iscariot of Marvel Comics?
... Mighty Avengers DID give us one great thing, though: Ares, the god of war... AS A SUPERHERO!
Aaaand then he was killed in Siege, so...
This story doesn't feel as well constructed as the New Avengers book. We get the opening story-ark thrown into our face before we get properly introduced to the team and it's not that great, really. The artwork is actually not that bad. We get some pretty good action scenes, but only in a chaotic, loud Transformers movie kind of way.
But I will actually recommend picking up Mighty Avengers... but only if you skip the 20 first issues. Starting from issue 21, Dan Slott becomes the writer, and he makes the most Avengers-like series since Busiek's run, and even reminded us that Hank Pym is awesome.
That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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