Thursday, August 15, 2013

Civil War in 5 panels

I have only made good decisions since I put on this mask.

Punch everything! That is the american way!!!

A cyborg-clone of Thor? I AM really the W Bush of comics!

Politic and philosophy is boring! MORE FIGHTING!!!

... Well, that could have gone better.

I'm a genius!
(honestly, Civil War had potential, but blew it)

1 comment:

  1. Panel 1: And so, our intrepid Spider went on to make a deal with Satan due to the aftermath of what he just did... (One More Day in Five Panels anyone?)
    Panel 2: Star Spangled Badassery!
    Panel 3: "What... have... I... done!?" *ghost of Tempest pats Tony on the back*
    Tempest: "It'll get better!"
    Panel 4: *Insert epic fight music here*
    Panel 5: Yep, it wasn't worth it.

    Civil War is bleh. I'd much rather read about one of my favourite sea based heroes dying...