Sunday, August 18, 2013

The quest for lost comics: Underworld Unleashed.

Last time I visited a comic-bookstore, I saw a new omnibus version of Infinite Crisis. I thought for myself:
How come Underworld Unleashed hasn't been reprinted?

Underworld Unleashed is the story about a demonic like being named Neron, who claims to be the devil himself (so does five other guys... You know what could be awesome? A comic about the battle of the throne of hell!). He abducts all the bad guys of the DCU and offers them a deal: their hearts desire in exchange of their soul (good thing Mark Millar weren't the writer or it would have contained a lot of animals). This give a lot of the baddies a serious upgrade and they start to run amok. All part of Neron’s plan to make the world one hell of a place.

Coarse hey, who wouldn't make a deal with a satanic looking guy with glaring green eyes and a long cape to match? Sounds trustworthy, right?

Actually, that is one of the reasons I really like this story: Neron.
Neron doesn't hide the fact that he is evil. He declares himself the devil and lord of hell. In fact, THAT is the reason people want to make a deal with him. Even the heroes are tempted. Neron has an aura of power, supported by the fact, that he apparently has unlimited access to magic, and can beat up guys like Mongul with his bare hands, as easy as I take of my shirt. If anyone can grant you your heart’s desire, it’s this guy. Tell me, with full honesty, wouldn't you think twice before you said; no thanks, to this one in a lifetime chance of getting your heart’s desire?

And it did make a few changes to the DCU. For example: Lex Luthor, who were dying, got a healthy body at its prime. Gorilla Grodd, who had brain damage, got his mind restored. And my favorite change; Blockbuster gained intelligence that matched his strength, made himself a crime lord in the city Bl├╝dhaven, and became a resurrecting villain in the Nightwing comics.

And the Joker sold his soul in exchange of a box of cigars. God I love comics! XD

And it’s not often that we have a crossover event with a villain as one of the main character. In this case: The Trickster.

If I have to point fingers at anything, it must be the artwork, which I’m not a fan of, but it is a minor problem and a question of taste. Some complain about missing parts of the story, were you have to read the tie-ins, but it has not been a problem for me. The main story is still told in the actual tree issues of Underworld Unleashed.

Bottom-line is: Underworld Unleashed is awesome. It is one of my favorite Mark Waid comics, and my favorite event comic. So go! Find it! Buy it!! READ IT!!! Sell your soul, if necessary!

I am Waezi2, thanks for wasting time with me.

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