Saturday, November 15, 2014

Johns Month(and a half): Beast Boy.

In 1999, there was a book called "The Titans" that focused on the now grown-up Teen Titans who decided to become a team again. Familiar faces like Nightwing, Flash, Starfire and Cyborg could be seen in this great and underrated series(see my review of "The Titans" RIGHT THERE).
But one of the Titans weren't interested in bringing the old band back together. And surprisingly enough, it was Gar Logan AKA Changeling AKA Beast Boy.
Gar always had an inferiority complex, and has decided that it's time to stand on his own and leave his comfort-zone that is the Titans Tower. Hoping to revive his actor carrer, he moved to Los Angeles and lived with his slacker cousin Matt.
But Gar's hunt for fame didn't last long, as he was being framed for a series of murders committed by green animals. Now, he must find out who the real culprit is, or end up behind bars. And there are no Titans this time to save him.
...Well, there's Flamebird(heroine and Nightwing-fangirl), but she almost does more harm than good...
The series is called "Beast Boy," which is kinda stupid, since his name at that time was Changeling and had been for over 20 years(his name was changed back to Beast Boy after Johns became the writer of Teen Titans, dont ask why), but besides that, it's a nice little read. Nothing groundbreaking, but enjoyable. The series second writer was Ben Raab, whom I know from "Union Jack" and "Excalibur", and together, they wrote a story about what it is like to be yesterday's news, being dragged through the mud by the media. We also have an awesome revamp of Bette Kane AKA Flamebird, who is mostly known for being kind of a joke in the teen-hero community, so it's nice to see her taking names and kick some ass. 
If you are a Titans or Beast Boy fan(who am I kidding, OF COURSE YOU ARE!) you better add this one to your collection. If you cant find the four-issue series as separate issues, you can buy it in the form of the trade paperback; "Teen Titans; Beast Boy And Girls" which also have issue 13 to 15 of Johns' Teen Titans run(which is okay, I guess).
That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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