Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Johns Month(and a half): Power Girl.

I had actually planned to review Johns' Flash series first, but I think I will do Power Girl, since I recently talked about her as one of the problems with the JSA series.
You see, before Infinite Crisis(which I'm also going to review) there was a lot of buildup. Such as JSA Classified issue 1-4 about Power Girl. Through the most of JSA, she was the bruiser, the one who didn't take crab from anyone, and she was so self-secure that she could be considered arrogant.
... Or was that all an act?
In JSA Classified 1-4, she see Power Girl when she is NOT kicking butt for the JSA. And it's a sad sight. Her apartment is a mess, and she haven't changed out of her superhero costume for weeks, since all she does is flying around and punching bad guys. And not only that, she is extremely frustrated over not knowing her background and where she is from, and her tough-gal attitude is a way to hide the fact that she is very vulnerable.
... I have... mixed feelings about this.
On one hand, I guess that gives her more character than "badass chick, who's gonna kick your ass," and it also makes her jerk-ish attitude more understandable, I suppose.
But it also peeves me of a bit as a feminist. It just feels like the comic is trying to telling us, that if a woman is confrontational, strong and possibly workaholic, it's not because she chose carrer over other things. No, it's because the woman behind the strong, independent wall that won't let anybody in, is(imagine me with a high girly voice at this part) a sad little, fluffy bunny, that will eventually let down her defenses and reveal a tragic back-story!
And just to make my case:
... Yeah, you all know this one.
PeeGee's costume has always been... controversial... and has been the sours for many jokes. And Johns' attempt to make it about the lack of identity is one of the most ridiculed moments in comic-book history.
I mean... SERIOUSLY? You want us to buy that, Johns? The reason to why PeeGee has a gigantic boob-window on her costume is, that she cant fill it out? I mean, call me crazy, but I would make a costume, and THEN sew the emblem on. Making a hole, and then sew an emblem fill up the space just makes it easy for the costume to fall apart.
But I wont go on beating an long-dead horse. My point is, that this series that was suppose to make PeeGee seem more human just made her look like a stereotype. And for those who liked the Power Girl with Ally McBeal philosophy(GOD, I loathe that show!!!), it must have been a huge betrayal to learn that the only reason to why she broke up with the norms for women were, that it helped her hide her insecurity. But maybe I'm putting too much into it...
But the series is drawn by Amanda Conner, so that's something. If you are going to get this one, buy the TPB called "Power Girl". It also has Showcase issue 97-99, which tells us the very first(and very awesome!) Power Girl story! But it also has the two pages from JSA 39, where she makes her dumb speech about her two-bit feminism, which is only made worse by this story telling us that it's all an act. It's like the TPB wants us to believe that Power Girl is full of crab!
That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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