Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Johns Month(and a half); Avengers, World Trust.

... Yeah, sorry.
I had some trouble getting Johns' GL stuff, then my plan for how and when to review went down the toilet , and then I kinda never had time to do the theme month, with Christmas and stuff. Well, that means that there will be plenty of comics for me to review if I decides to do another Johns Month.
I decided to end with something... unusual. You see, Johns actually wrote comics for Marvel for a short period. Like the Avengers.
"Avengers: World Trust" is a TPB collecting the first six issues Johns' brief run on the Eath Mightiest heroes. I find it odd that Marvel would hand the book to a new-commer like Johns(it was in 2002), but I suppose that with his JSA and Flash comics, he was hot stuff. But World Trust is just a, well... standard story.
But maybe Johns was just warming up before giving the series his magic touch? It feels like that's the case, since the last issue(the best one) we sense who Johns is going to focus on, in this case: Ant-Man, Jack Of Hearts and the infamous Henry Gyrich. And it even feels like he won't go the easy way with Gyrich and just make him the government jerk, but actually want to show that he may be a jerk, but he is a well-meaning jerk.
Also, Falcon's often ridiculed ability to communicate with birds has never looked as awesome as it has here. But that's Johns for ya. He can take anything that the hordes consider lame(like Aquaman) and show us how wrong we were. I really want to see what else he did on his only 20 issue run on the series, and will try and get vol. 2 as soon as possible.
That was Johns Month. Sorry I didn't get to review Green Lantern. But hey, I have something to review next year. Happy new year, and happy birthday to me tomorrow.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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