Monday, December 8, 2014

Marvel Two in One Annual 7 in 5 panels.

I am Champion, the supreme fighter of all existence, and I seek foes who can match my incredible power.
Then I, Thor, shall be you opponent!
No, because you are disqualified for using your hammer.
Then Hulk smash smash Blue Man, because Hulk is the strongest there is! Hulk...
Is disqualified for being a mindless brute. Also, Namor is disqualified, too.
... WHAT?! What for?
... Eh... For being... arrogant. Now, all there is left is the heroes I know I can defea... I MEAN, the opponents who are honorable fighters!
You, Ben Grimm, are the greatest warrior I have met. I can break your bones, but never your spirit, which makes you the one man I could not defeat... Until I'm turned into a joke in She-Hulk, which makes your triumph undone... 

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