Friday, October 4, 2013

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 9.

I finally found the TPB called; "Spectre; Crimes And Punishments", that contains the first four issues of the 90s series. In it, we read about Spectre, The wrath of God, visiting an old "friend," solve a murder, and we get his origin story, too. And it's not a very nice one, let me tell you.
Now THIS is Halloween reading! The art is gritty, and the writing dark as night. To bad this is the only TPB. But then again, the issues has some damn awesome covers, like Spectre as a giant spider who are about to eat a man alive, or Spectre fighting the zombie-version of Uncle Sam, so they would be fun to collect.
This is not really a horror story, but it has plenty of "monsters."
Jack Knight, AKA Starman, is searching for things he can use to re-open his recently burned down junk shop (long story), and stops at a circus. He hoped that he could buy old posters and such, but instead, he gets a night at the circus he wont ever forget.
"A (K)night At The Circus" may not be the best two parts story in the entire Starman series, but it is the design of the circus-freaks that really get's my attention. It's still an enjoyably story. But instead of recommend issue 7 to 8, I might as well recommend the entire 80 issue long Starman series, written by James Robinson.

Next time, I will have a list over my top 9 favorite issues of Tree-house Of Horror.

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