Sunday, November 23, 2014

Johns Month(and a half): Infinite Crisis.

I don't like Infinite Crisis. I really don't.
I'm not saying it's a bad comic, but I really dislike it.
Infinite Crisis was one of the mayor events in the DC Universe. A lot of stuff was going on, such as a satellite Batman had made had gone crazy, and now killed as many super-humans as possible by turning civilians into OMACs(Omni Mind And Community), Wonder Woman had killed a man on live television(even though that could have been evaded, but that is one dead horse beaten enough already), Superman becoming ineffective, Spectre went bongos and killed everything magical(apparently, god was on a holiday), and all the super-villains had decided to join forces as a way to get back at the heroes for brainwashing them(don't even ask).
In other words; and seemingly infinite crisis.
The idea was was good enough, the build-up was amazing and it was a pretty epic tale... BUT... there is a lot of stuff that annoys me.
And I could talk about the poorly written WW, but that has already been done. But I could talk a little about the bloodbath.
Not about the overuse of gorryness(even though that IS a problem), but the characters who died.
For example:
OH MY GOD!!! Superboy Prime just killed... killed... um... a... kat... lady?
I had to Google a lot after reading this the first time I read it. Because Infinite Crisis snuffed out dozen of not-so-known characters in order to show how violent and brutal Superboy prime was.
And that's my main problem. Johns, who has a reputation for his uncanny ability to revive forgotten characters and give them a role in today's comics, pretty much SLAUGHTER all of these heroes.
I'm not saying that Johns is the first one to do this. But considered that he is pretty much a genius, who became a fan-favorite comic-book writer after less than three years in the business, I expected more.
If a superhero must die for a story, it should mean something. Who was she? What did she do? Who were she important for? I may not like Civil War, but when Black Goliath died, it at least meant something.
But in Infinite Crisis, we instead have a lot of THIS:
Again, WHO THE HECK IS THIS GUY?!?!? Is he a member of the Teen Titans? Maybe part of the JSA? Or is he just a C-stringer who wanted to help, even though no one knew he existed? If it wasn't for Google, we would never know!
Another thing that bothers me, is the lack of consequence for Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, who are partly to blame for this whole mess. They just leave for a year, comes back, and it's all good. They even becomes part of the JLA again! DUDE!!! It doesn't work like that! You can't just kick Superboy Prime's butt and then pretend that all the mistakes you made are gone!
But maybe Infinite Crisis is not really Johns' fault. Maybe it's just a product of it's time, where Identity Crisis required that the heroes should have faults and do unethical things, no mater how out of character it was. Maybe Johns was the wrong writer for the series, and he just tried his best to write an world-changing event, even. Personally, I think he should stay away from the crossovers(I did like Blackest Night, though) and stick to writing enjoyable stories and reinvent and revive old elements forgotten in comics.
That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.


  1. You gotta remember that the sad part is, many of these second stringer characters were LIKEABLE.
    Personally, I hate what they did to Risk and Damage.

  2. Also, 'killed a man'?
    His name's Maxwell Lord... I think....