Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top 5 favorite sad cartoon moments.

Can anyone tell me what this is?
It's a illustration on a piece of paper. Nothing more. Cartoons creates an illusion of it being alive by using several pieces of paper, making it look like movement. It's not real.
So how the HECK can it makes us feel so emotional about it, knowing that it is noting but streaks on a piece of paper? And how come there are so many tear-jerking moments in animated shows that are suppose to be for children?
Cartoon Month is about to end, and I think I will take a look at some of the sad moments that animation has brought us.
OBS; These are not necessarily the saddest moment, but just my favorite sad moments. And it's without counting scenes from movies and anime.
Anyway, here is my top 5 favorite sad animated TV-show moments.

Number 5; Grunkle Stan fails as adult.

I think we can all agree that Stan from "Gravity Falls" may not be the perfect uncle, but he still cares for the Dipper and Mabel, and in his own twisted way tries to be an adult for them. So seeing him give up in "Gideon Rises" is pretty heartbreaking. He starts off by lying(how he usually solves his problems) to the twins parents over the phone, claiming that he has the situation under control. But he realizes pretty quickly that he can lie all he wants, but it won't change the fact that he can no longer provide the kids a roof over their heads. He can't even get them something proper to eat. It breaks Dipper and Mabel's heart, as well as his own, but he has to send them home.

Number 4; Tale Of X9.

X9 is one of Aku's many robots, build to destroy Samurai Jack. But what makes X9 special is that he has a personality chip, which gives him a reason and will to survive. But it also gives him other human-like traits, such as being able to love. We knows that he has to be destroyed, since he works for Aku(even if he does not wish to) but it doesn't change that it's a hollow victory when Jack defeats him. With his dying breath, X9 asks Jack to take care of his dog; Lulu.
If you didn't feel anything after watching this, then you are not human.

Number 3; Amethyst tormenting Greg.

The "Steven Universe" series got a lot more depth after the revealing of the Kindergarten, and the show turned a bit darker. One of the more depressing episodes is "Maximum Capacity" that shows a part of grieving that we do not see very often in cartoon shows; the anger.
Tons of feelings are involved in a person's death, not just the sadness over loosing her. Anger is surprisingly very normal. And Amethyst is VERY angry. As she and Greg revive their former friendship, they quickly remember WHY they stopped being friends to begin with; Amethyst blaming Greg for "taking away" Rose from her. She even goes so far to transform into Rose, while she mocks Greg who is paralyzed by despair over seeing his dead wife(?).
Seriously, that's messed up!
And very sad as well...

Number 2; Simon gives up his sanity.

I know that "I Remember You" from Adventure Time is by many considered THE tearjerker of animation(suck it, Bambi!), but I think that the story about HOW Simon completely lost his sanity and became the Ice King(in the episode "Simon And Marcy") is even sadder. 
A few years after the Mushroom War, a more or less sane Simon does all he can in order to protect and take care of the little Marceline. When they end up being corned by some sort of zombies, Simon knows that the only way he can save that little girl is by breaking his promise as well as her heart by using the magic of the grown. We get a bit of false hope as he takes it off and gets Marcy the chicken-soup she needs, and he seems normal.
Aaaand then we get kicked in the emotional balls as he calls Marceline "Gunther."

Number 1; Molly learns the truth about her mother's death.

Despite it's flaws, Oban Star Racers is still my favorite animated show of all time. The main reason for it is episode 11, where Molly is going to race against an alien she recognize as the murderer of her mother, the shape-changing alien Spirit. The race gets ugly as Molly tries to avenge her mother by making Spirit crash, but ends up destroying her own ship, almost killing herself.
As Molly lies unconscious in her wrecked racer, Spirit decides to find out why the young lady tried to kill him, and... I can't do it justice, you have to see it to truly understand this great scene:
The music is just perfect for the mood, and that we see that Spirit not only was innocent but also felt great sadness over the tragic day... it takes you by surprise, since everything about him screams "angel of death". And the fact that Molly's attempt or revenge not only wrecked her ship but also was for nothing makes it even more tragic.

And that's the end of Cartoon Month. Hope you enjoyed and that it may have introduced you to some good shows you didn't know.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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