Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Top 5 Finn And Jake episodes from Adventure Time.

The problem with some animated shows is that the supportive cast can often overshadow the actual hero of the show. Like Adventure Time, where Marceline steals the show with ease(she's even going to have her own spin-off in the near future), and some starts to wonder if Finn and Jake are even needed in the show at all.
OF COARSE THEY ARE, because they are awesome! And don't you DARE tell me anything else!
In fact, here is my personal top 5 episodes that has it's focus on the human boy and his magic dog buddy/brother.

Number 5: My Two Favorite People.

If you know the problem with spending time with both your girlfriend and your best friend, then you are a lucky bastard, so stop wining already!
Jake realize that he can't use as much time with both Finn and his girlfriend Rainicorn as he wish he could. But maybe it's not that big a problem if he spends time with the both of them at the same time!
.... But what do you do when you realize that your two favorite people likes to spend time with each other, and you feel left outside?
We have different kinds of friends that we prefer to be with and do things with that we don't do with the others. The problem comes when one of our friends meets one of your other friends, or in this case; your girlfriend. There can be several problems with this kind of situation, and the episode covers them pretty well.

Number 4: Jermaine.

Okay, I'm kinda stretching it here, but I still think of this as a Finn and Jake episode.
If you are a REAL fan of the show, then you know that Finn and Jake has a brother named Jermaine. But we never saw him, he was only mentioned from time from time, and it wasn't till season 7 that we finally got introduced to him and learned why he was never around.
"Jermaine" is actually a pretty sad episode. Once we are introduced to him, we realize that he is as anti-Finn-and-Jake as it is possible. Since the death of their father Joshua, Jermaine has been living in his father's house and never left it once, due to feeling that it is his responsibility to protect all the treasures and magical items that his dad had collected in his life. He never went out like his brothers to have fun and explore the amazing world of Ooo.

Number 3: Who Would Win?

Finn and Jake hear about a giant monster called "The Farm," and that beating him would make one a legend. Finn wants to train in order to become capable of beating the beast, but Jake is more interested in playing his video-game. One thing leads to another, and the two best friends end up beating the glob out of each other.
This is not a very honorable fight. They both use cheep moves, and acts pretty immature... well, more immature than they normally does. And that's what makes it so awesome.
And the fight is surprisingly even. Yes, Jake has the advantage of having actual powers, but Finn is a great fighter who thinks fast. And who knows better than anyone how to fight Finn and Jake than, well, Finn and Jake?

Number 2: Dad's Dungeon.

One day, Finn and Jake finds and old message from their dead dad. He tells them that he has made them the greatest dungeon to explore, filled up with monsters, traps and all kinds of fun stuff. But only Jake knows that their dad made the dungeon because he thought Finn was a wimp who needed to be toughen up. And it seems like it has the opposite effect.
Besides being good old AT fun, the episode is also what it's like being unsure whatever you live up to your parents expectations, or worse; if you parents expected anything from you to begin with. And the episode also gave us a good idea of what kind of guy Joshua was.

Number 1: Card Wars.

Oddly enough, one of the best episodes through he entire show is one of the least action-packed ones.
Jake is depressed because Rainicorn don't want to play the trading-card game "Card Wars" with him anymore, since he always win. In order to cheer him up, Finn asks Jake to teach him how to play, so that they can play together.
Only one problem; Finn is apparently a Card Wars prodigy, and Jake stops being depressed and instead gets grumpy.
I think we all know the feeling of being good at something(like a specific game) and wanting our friends to do it with you, only to learn that they are better than you at it, which can be kinda irritating.
It also reminds us cardgame players how weird and over-complicated it may look when we play and talk an entirely new language that no one understands but nerds(I floop the pig).
But what make this possibly the third best episode of the entire show is that it's about friendship being challenged by something as unimportant as a game. Jake almost becomes the villain of the e, and it's up to Finn to find a way to make sure that winning the game won't end up as the greatest failure.

That's all for now. Next time; more Steven Universe.
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  1. I really loved that Jermaine episode. Actually, any episode with Joshua as well have been great.

    My favorites are probably the more oddball ones where Finn and Jake barely don't appear, or those from guest animators (the 2 3D ones or that one from the Japanese animator). It really shows how great a sandbox this universe and this show are for more creative ideas.

    1. My favorite is actually the first I ever saw; "It Came From The Nightosphere." I hope there will be at least ONE Abadeer episode in next season.