Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cry For Justice review.

James Robinson (one of my favorite writers of all time) has possibly made the single best Justice League story I have read. In Cry For Justice, he takes a bold look at how the JLA has acted in the past, what is been going on in the DCU, and how real heroes should act in the future, and not just wait for something to happen.
He addresses what makes a hero a hero, and what separates the heroes from the villains. I loved the change of pace with the League.
And you don't have to be aware of what has recently happened in the DCU to pick-up this book, Robinson fills us in as to the heroes motives and give us enough information to where anyone could pick this up and enjoy it without being confused! Not many comics can do that.
Prometheus as the main villain is a badass. I love it when they make C- or D-list villains suddenly badass. It worked for Dr. Light in Identity Crisis, and it worked for Prometheus here.
I know that the dark tone may throw some people off, as well as the strife among the heroes. But I think it makes for a much more interesting read than just your typical "super team versus big menace" story-line. And I realize that a lot of people were upset about what happened to Roy, but I dig his new attitude that came in the Rise Of Arsenal series that came after Cry For Justice.
Not only do you get the treat of Robinson's writing in this book, but Mauro Cascioli's art witch I have always been a fan of, and I love all his depictions of the various characters.

Awesome, amazing book with a jaw-dropping ending note to boot. I dont remember enjoying a series this much since Civil War.
I,m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.
Aprils fool, this comic sucks!

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