Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My top 9 comics in 5 panels.

I actually thought a couple of times about doing this, but decided that it would be a bad idea, since it would make me look like a haughty prick.But then I remembered that I AM in fact a haughty prick:)
Okay, seriously, the reason to why I do this list is that while working on my blog, I actually think I have started to look at comic-books differently, after becoming a sort of internet reviewer. And I would like to tell you why THIS nine 5-panels are special to me. Not because they are the funniest, but because they mean something to me. So here they are, my top nine comics in 5 panels:

Nbr. 9: Avengers Vs. X-Men in 5 panels.

This was actually the one that really gave me a headache. It was possibly my second, maybe third fan request, and I used two weeks to figure out how to pull this one. The hard part was that it really irritated me that pretty much only half of the story was about the X-Men fighting the Avengers, with the rest being about the rest of the world against the Phoenix Five.
And that was when it hit me: A Vs. X ENDED when Cyclops and his pals became the Phoenix Five. Then it was actually kind of  easy.

Nbr. 8: Wanted in 5 panels.

This is not only a parody of what some jackass once called "the Watchmen for super-villains" but pretty much the formula of what appears to be 75 percent of Millar's comic-books.
No, seriously, think about it!
Also, this was the first 5-panel where I used photos of myself in it, a gimmick that apparently works pretty well.

Nbr. 7: Manga Love Story in 5 panels.

Because of the troll effect :)
This was my way to give the finger to what I consider one of the worst titles to stair a female lead. A lot of people think that this is a series with strong, independent women. I THINK that it's one with a rude bunch of unlikable bitches! Seriously, I think I may be the only person who wasn't pissed over Oracle becoming Bat-Girl again.

Nbr. 5: Infinite Crisis in 5 panels.

Remember what I said about becoming a sort-of reviewer changed my view on comics? THIS is the prime example!
When I first made this one on Comicvine, it was a rush-job. It was back when I was almost fixated about my 5-panels, and tried too hard to make at least two every week. But after deciding to try and fix it half a year later, I had to read Infinite Crisis again. And while looking for joke material, I came to a stunning conclusion:
Good thing I realized this, since I was THIS close to buy it online from Amazon, instead of getting it from the library. An it's so weird, since I remembered it very fondly.
But I was glad that I a) could fix what was my worst 5-panel(even though you guys claims that it's Death Note, witch I still don't get), and b) stopped myself from buying a expensive comic I wouldn't enjoy.

Nbr. 4: Nova; Alienation in 5 panels.

This is possibly my most accurate 5-panel.

Nbr. 3: Watchmen in 5 panels

I had a lot of doubt about this one. I worried about being disrespectful to Linkara by doing this one, but then I realized that he probably didn't even know I existed, so what the heck:P
Its not that I don like the original 5-panel version, it's just that I had my own idea of how it could be made (not HOW IT SHOULD BE, since his works too.)
Not to mention that I made one of my personal jokes with it:

Dear diary, I broke two fingers from a guy who barely looked at me. I am the bestes vigilante ever.
Alright, so Deadpool is better than me to make 5-panels. But I have no guilt whatsoever for taking over the blog from him, since he killed my pal MatteoGP:( BTW, check out his Deviantart:
My first 5-panel, and, if I may say so myself, my best. What else can I say? This will always be the pearl of them in my eyes.

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