Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Stanford Incident.

didn't plan on talking about anything else but the 26 first issue of New Warriors, but a fan has "demanded" that I should tell my opinion about the Stanford Incident from Civil War. And I cant refuse to accept a fan request... I should probably see a doctor of a sort... 
I do not like Civil War. Not so much because of the actual story, but because of a truckload of potential the story have, but didn't live up to. I could point fingers at Millar, who by the way are FAR from being one of my favorite writers, but it is just as much Marvels fault for wanting to move on with the next new big crossover. But that is not really my problem with Civil War.
I disagree in the way Cap has been written, but I am ready to discus it. I do not like the idea of Tony making a Thor-cyborg/clone(?), but that is my opinion. Again, THAT is not my real problem.
My problem is the New Warriors.
Are there really nothing but a handful of people who notice this HUGH mistake that Millar have made by blowing up the Warriors? Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this page?
First of all, the New Warriors are NOT IDIOTS! They have been in the game for a looong time. The only newbie is Microbe, Night Thrashers foster son. But the other three?
I has been said that Night Thrasher is Marvels black Batman ripoff, and their is some truth to that. After all he has trained the most of his life to fight crime, and spent an ocean of money on his training and tutors. Namorita is the cosine of Namor The FLIPPING Submariner, and a trained Atlantian warrior. And Speedball may not have any training, but he is a funding member of the Warriors, and have been part of the team even longer than Nita and Thrasher.
And how come they follow orders from Speedball? Lets just say, for the sake of the argument, that Speedball is a idiot (BTW, he's not, he just like to take the situation with a smile), why would they follow orders from him? Bout Nita and Thrash have been leaders, so if anyone should run the team, it should be one of them.
And the Warriors have been in situations like this before, and they know better than to just storm a bunch of bad-guys without a proper plan, ESPECIALLY when its close to a school with kids. Hell, they have been part of war. They know a thing or two about responsibility.
And finally, THERE IS NO REALITY SHOW AT THE MOMENT!!! It was cancelled, in New Warriors vol. 3 issue 6. Did Millar do any research at all? Maybe he just goggled "teen heroes Marvel" and found the New Warriors. They are not even teenagers when Civil War was written! 
I do not claim to have the same author-qualifications as Millar, but if Civil War needed some irresponsible heroes to screw up, why not make some new? It would make sense with a bunch of random stupid kids, who founded a group on the net, and then made a fatal mistake.
I understand that it is quite difficult to remember every single detail of every single character (like retcons, they can be a pain in the ass) but a little prereading is all I'm asking for
Look, I'm not saying that the way that Millar treated the Warriors makes it a bad book, it just... well... I just really like this guys. And I just think that its sad that they weren't important enough for Millar or the readers. If they were, they would have been revived by now (but then again, Mockinbird were dead for over 15 years before she came back). But that's really what it all comes down to: The New Warriors weren't important for anyone.
Nobody cared, so... that's it.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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  1. Hating Civil War because of ONE mistreatment does seem a bit extreme, and you should give it another look, but you’re not a fan of it so you’ll probably shout at me, so sorry if I sounded rude.

    But seriously, hating it because of one thing is one of my loathed things.