Saturday, November 16, 2013

Waezi2 Christmas shopping part 2.

More recommendations, starting with a web-comic... Heh, web...
Heather Brown, a awkward lab-assistant, gets superpowers after a (try and guess) lab accident, and mutate into a spider-hybrid with six arms, strength and butt-web. Despite her dorm-mates Sahira's warnings, Heather decides to become a superhero, and soon gains bout allies and enemies.
Spinnerette is a entertaining spoof-comic about superheroes. It's full of action, great art, fan service and goofiness. If you want to buy it, you can do it on But if you want to take a look at it first, read it online here:
Stop me if you have heard this one before; A young god anger his father, who exiles his son from his heavenly kingdom, until he has learned humility. This is NOT the story about the God Of Thunder, but the Prince Of Power.
After partying out on the day of silence, Zeus had it with his arrogant son, and declares that Hercules shall be banished from Olympus and go on an odyssey to find humility. But he shall not be banish to Earth, where he would be a god among insects, but to space where he shall be nothing but another alien among many. That's actually pretty clever.
Hercules; Prince Of Power is one hell of a fun series. Herc get into a lot of trouble, not so much because of lack of intellect, but because of his over-eagerness. He finds a friend and travel-companion in the android Recorder, and together they travel trough the universe, finding adventures, beautiful women, glorious battles, and Herc even gets a lesson or four in humility. Bob Layton at his finest.

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