Monday, December 23, 2013

Green Arrow; The Quiver in 5 panels.

Come on Ollie, dont be like that! Everyone else is going to return from the grave!
Nagging about Ollie makes me a strong female character.
I'm white now. Deal with it! 
 Hey, my name is Stanley. I was created by the guy who made the movie Dogma.

A comic where I for once is something else but the spooky guy who tells people what to do... If it wasn't because it would cause an earthquake in Japan, I would smile.

1 comment:

  1. Panel 1: Yeah Ollie, trust the man who murdered the Green Lantern Core.
    Panel 2: "*insert Ryan Steele style monologue about Green Arrow here*"
    Panel 3: DID THEY JUST- w-w-whitewash Connor? RAAAAAAAAAA
    Panel 4: Random dude.mp3
    Panel 5: "BAAAAATMAAAAAANNNNN" "WHAT?" "Tempest is showing me his chest again..." "His treasure chest or his tummy, Dick?" "His tummy..." "Peh, he'll get killed by a former friend and become a zombie soon enough."

    I like the Arrow Clan, but this comic is unexplored territory for me. Sorry.