Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not-White Month: Blue Beetle.

Have you ever read a comic, and thought for yourself: "Dying is the best thing that ever happen to this guy"?
It cant be denied that a dramatic death can sometimes boost a characters popularity, or at least make people aware of the fact that they, you know, exist. And Ted Kord might be a prime example of this.
After his many years of service in the JLI, Ted was pretty much forgotten, or thought of as "that silly guy." He was, if I'm not wrong, once one of Barbara Gordon's agents for a time(which makes him the only male member of the Birds Of Prey), but that ended when he had a heart attack.
But he recovered from it, was back in action again, and then...
.... Yeah... that happened...
I actually sort of like "Countdown To Infinite Crisis" despite the fact that it made Max Lord a bad guy. Ted died, but at least he died as what he is: a hero. And he was even in character. But I still think that it's too bad that a guy has to get shot through the head before he gets the respect he deserves. And even though he has been retconed out of existence thanks to New 52, he still lives on in the heart of all comic-lovers, as well as his heir; Jaime Reyes.
After getting fused with the blue scarab that gave Dan Garret(the first Blue Beetle) superhuman strength. But instead of that, Jaime gets an intelligent high-tech armor.
I wouldn't say that Jaime's series was perfect, because that would be a lie. But it's very creative, and has allot of great ideas, but not all of them are used to their fullest, like the team(or street gang is probably more accurate) known as the Posse, who cold have a series of their own, if you ask me.
Besides Jaime's awesome design, the books greatest strength is possibly the supportive cast. Besides his best friends Brenda and Paco, Jaime also finds a sort-of mentor in the bad-ass Peacemaker, one of the first Beetle's old colleges. My favorite characters in the series has to be Hector and Nadia, two computer nerds who works as Jaime's tech support. They honestly dont do that much in the series, but I really dig them.
The series doesn't create many memorable villains, but it does have one of the best aliens-who-wants-our-planets of all times: The Reach. Their plan to conquer the planet is simple: they wait. By poisoning our water and air, they do not have to take the planet by force, because we will(after being poisoned for 100 years) simply hand it over to them with a smile. Is that genius or what?
Blue Beetle vol. 7 is a colorful, action-packed and fun read. The first TPB is named "Shellshocked," but you can start with Road Trip, if you cannot find it. You honestly dont miss that much. I started reading the series with "Road Trip," since I could not find "Shellshocked" to begin with.
That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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