Friday, September 20, 2013

Waezi2 Halloween reading.

Well folks, Halloween is coming. That means that I will soon have an excuse to eat a ton of candy, watch my favorite movie; The Corps Bride, argue with my pals about however Nightmare Before Christmas is a good movie or not (I dont like it myself), and most importantly of all, dress like an idiot!
Until Halloween, I will recommend some comics that I consider Halloween-reading, so I wont review "lost comics" in that period. Except for if I have a "lost comic" that fits the description.
The first recommendation actually does.

Some says that Superman is one of the most uninteresting heroes because of his near unlimited powers. If that is the case, then the Spectre must be the most uninteresting hero of all time. I haven't read much Spectre, despite the fact that I am a big JSA fan. But here is one of the few I have read: Issue 5; A Rage In Hell.
A boy named Billy has been kidnapped and buried alive, and the kidnapper is dead, so Spectre has to find the soul of the kidnapper in hell, and fight FLIPPING Satan to save Billy.
I can only imagine that a character like Spectre must be hard to find an actual opponent to fight, since he is the deviant wrath of god, but this issue were WEARY good, and I will, when I get the chance, get some more Spectre comics. I highly recommend this story.
How come there aren't many Robin/Supergirl team-ups? It seams to me like an idea with a lot of potential. But hey, what do I know?
Anyway, Superman/Batman 62 is the story about the first team-up with Kara Zor-El and Tim Drake; Supergirl and Robin. Their mentors are busy, so Robin needs Supergirl's help in Arkham, where there has been a breakout(big surprise there). And Supergirl is up to one hell of a surprise. She thinks that she is entering a nuthouse, but she is entering hell on earth!!!
My favorite issue of the whole series. It captures the horrors of Arkham very well, as well as making a heck of a team out of Kara and Tim.
That's all for now, See you next week.

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