Thursday, September 26, 2013

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 4

New Halloween recommendations, starting with one hell of a bad-ass comic-book:
The Spectre, now without a human host, has been convinced by Eclipso that magic is evil. The Spectre then starts his rampage to destroying all magic. The magical heavy-hitters, like Dr. Fate, are out of the game, so it's up to a team made of magical second-stringer heroes to stop the wrath of god gone mad.
I have a few problems with this comic. Like, well, Spectre works for God! GOD!!! How can he go on a rampage without God knowing? What, is he busy helping a stupid kid win a baseball match? But beside that(and Jean Loring being Eclipso) I love it for its bad-assness. So read Day Of Vengeance. It has a drunk, immortal, super smart chimpanzee detective! What more do you want?!
Sandman is one hell of a nasty series, and not for people with a weak stomach. I had nightmares after reading Preludes And Nocturnes, and had to call in sick, because I didn't sleep well that night. But enough of that, let's talk about my favorite story from issue four: A Hope In Hell.The king of dreams must travel to Hell in his search for his helmet (long story) and finds a demon who now owns it. Unfortunately, the demon got it by trade with a human, and it is therefor his by right. But the demon will give it up, IF the king of dreams will fight him in a battle of who has the greatest imagination.
What makes this issue so great is the artwork. It's more revolting than anything I remember seeing in a comic-book. And I have seen PLENTY! And the "duel" of imagination between Dream and the demon is magnificent! I remember rereading it at least ten times before returning it to the library. But I'm not sue if I should tell you to buy it. Because if you do, it will haunt you at night. It will taunt you, every time you pass your bookshelf. It will remind you that you are but a human, it is MORE!
That's all for now. See you in your nightmares.

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