Sunday, September 29, 2013

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 7

Well, I'm almost out of Halloween books, but I have a few more to recommend.
Remember when I told you that the Arkham Asylum tie-in to "Battle Of The Cowl" was the second most unpleasant Arkham story I have ever read? Well, here is number one: Arkham Reborn!
After the destruction of the original asylum, Arkham have now been rebuild, and is better than ever. Some of the patients are actually making progress. To bad that wont last for weary long, since the Black Mask has plans of his own...
Arkham Reborn is a three issue miniseries about how a small spark of hope ends up being gunned down, stabbed, drowned, then ripped to pieces, and shoved inside a sack full of scorpions. DON'T MISS IT!!!
Underworld Unleashed is a three part story about a demonic like being named Neron, who claims to be the devil himself (so does five other guys...). He abducts all the bad guys of the DCU and offers them a deal: their hearts desire in exchange of their mortal soul. This gives a lot of the baddies a serious upgrade, and they start to run amok all over the world. All part of Neron’s plan to make the world one hell of a place. And he doesn't stop with villain. He even offer heroes the opportunity to make a contract with him. And surprisingly many does so...
Underworld Unleashed is awesome. It is one of my favorite Mark Waid comics, and my favorite event comic of all time. And hey, what is Halloween without at least one story about Satan?
So go! Find it! Buy it!! READ IT!!! Sell your soul, if necessary!

That's all for now. See ya!

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