Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 3

Here are the new recommendations. And one of them is (again, but not surprisingly) about Arkham Asylum AKA Hell On Earth.
This one-shot issue takes place during the story-line Battle Of The Cowl, right after Batman's "death". The Black Mask has blown Arkham to pieces, in order to release all the inmates, who then run amok in Gotham City. But this comic is not so much about the actual battle of the fate of Gotham, but about Jeremiah Arkham, the tormented and twisted administrator of the asylum, who now looks at his life's work reduced to nothing more than a ruin.
This is, according to me, the second most unpleasant Arkham Asylum story I have ever read. I highly recommend it.

For once, I won't recommend an "official" comic-book, but a fan comic. In this case Grim Tales; Tales From Below.
The story mainly focuses on the children of Mandy and Grim from the Billy And Mandy cartoon (I know, just go with it): Grim Jr and Minimandy (again, just go with it), I would normally not read this kind of fan-fiction  but a friend of mine made me promise her that I would give it a shot. And I didn't regret it. Sure, the writing is not Busiek, in fact, the first chapter was a little difficult to get through, but its actually a lot of fun to read, in a really, REALLY dark way. If anything, read it for the great art. What do you have to lose? Its free to read on Snafu-Comics. But I must warn you; this is creepy stuff. Really, REALLY creepy stuff! Here is a link:

That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and I will see you in your nightmares.

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