Thursday, September 18, 2014

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 16.

I never got the idea behind "Marvel Knights". Seriously, what was the point?
As far as I understand, "Marvel Knights" is suppose to deal with more mature themes than Marvel usually does. Quesada once said in an interview that "Marvel Knights", and I quote: "challenge readers to re-think their favorite Marvel characters and re-evaluate the legends that surround them."
... And?
What's new about that? Comics ALWAYS did that! Even in the Silver Age, to a certain degree. What, Gwen Stacy's death was just a cakewalk? Peter used god know how much time to get through it, and it's still a important part of his life. Sounds pretty mature to me! Heck, I never realized that "Marvel Knights; Spider-Man" was a specially mature Spider-man story, since, well, it felt like any other Spidy story I have read: Spider-Man kicks ass, has problems in his life as Peter Parker, and the fact that the world is messy and it's difficult to make the right decisions. so on and so on. And dont get me wrong, I LOVE "Marvel Knight: Spider-Man", in fact, it's my favorite Spidy-story. But besides quality, what separates it from other Spidy comics?
And that is one of the problems with "Ghost Rider: Road To Damnation." HOW is this adult-ish? You wanna know what it is? Just a story. That's it. Sure, it has this idea that probably was new in the early 00's about Heaven and Hell both manipulating humans, but today... it's nothing new, so I'm not impressed. But it does have some pretty cool and revolting art-work.
You look at the scan to the left, and  I know what you are thinking: THAT is a Halloween recommendation?
Hell yeah, that's a Halloween recommendation!
"Teen Titans 100-Page Spectacular" has a couple of short stories, all of them weird and great in each of their own way. But one of them stands out; "Batman A-Go-Go."
In this little tale, the Silver Age Batman stand face to face with his greatest enemy; realism! Gordon blames Batman for not being "relevant", and tell him to stop being a goody-two-shoe. And Dick is apparently not interested in being Robin anymore, and hangs out with a girl called Sunshine, who fill the boy's head with dark thoughts of a new age. And then things starts to get dark! Really, REALLY dark!
Some might claim that the ending is a bit of a cop-out, bu I actually like it. But believe me, this 14 page story is GOLD. And nasty as hell, too.
Besides "Batman A-Go-Go," there are some other nice, but bit more lighthearted stories, like a brawl between the Teen Titans and the Doom Patrol. It has priceless moments, like when Robin says: "But Betty, that was BEFORE I saw you in a towel..."
That's all for now. Next time: More Doctor Mid-Nite.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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