Friday, September 26, 2014

Waezi2 Halloween reading part 17.

Last year, I reviewed "Umbrella Academy; The Apocalypse Suite," so I better take a look at the sequel; "Dallas."
After saving the planet from their sister, The Umbrella Academy has disbanded again, more dysfunctional than ever. The ones great leader of the team, Spaceboy, is now a fat-ass, who watches television all day, feeling sorry for himself. The Rumor has lost the ability to speak, and therefore also her power to alter reality. And The Boy... well, what is HE up to?
It appears that he didn't tell the entire truth about how he manege to get home from the future. He has a shady past, one that has finally caught up with him. Only one thing can be done in order to save the day: President John Kennedy must die!!!
"Umbrella Academy; Dallas" is possibly as messed up as it's predecessor, and possibly even more bloody(thanks to Hazel and Cha Cha). Gerard Way's writing is insane and messed up like you wouldn't believe. It's like someone threw Itchy And Scratchy from the Simpsons, the X-Men and Grant Morrioson's brain in a wok. THAT is "Umbrella Academy: Dallas"!
And speaking of Morrison...
Batman is dead, LONG LIVE BATMAN!
After his mentors death in Final Crisis, Dick Grayson must put on the cowl in order to let Batman live. He is now also responsible for Damian, the 10 year old son of the Dark Knight, trained to be the world's greatest assassin by his mother; Talia Al Ghul. Together, Dick and Damian becomes Gotham's new Dynamic Duo. A Batman and Robin like the world has never seen before.
And there first case is one messy one! A new super-villain who calls himself Professor Pyg has come to Gotham. He is insane, disgusting, and he wont stop until he has made everyone in Gotham into "Dollotrons," the perfect human beings according to him. And it wont stop there; The Red Hood is back in town worse than ever, with a mission to make crime-fighting "grow up."
This is as weird and sick as you could expect it from Grant Morrison. I have a problem with it's continuity, but it is very minor. Frank Quitely's art helps making the story even more creepy, especially the Dolltrons, which is possibly Morrison's most messed up idea to this day. "Batman & Robin; Batman Reborn" collects the first 6 issues of the series, and is perfect for Halloween.
That's all for now. Next time; my top nine Blood Lad moments.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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