Saturday, May 24, 2014

Manga-Mania May: Brand New School Day+Danshi Kinshitsu.

Today, we take two as one, since they are both one-shots. We will start with Brand New School Day.
Shinjou has for the most of his young life been the bland and boring guy nobody wanted to hang out with. He has therefor decided that he will let his first day in high-school, where no one knows him, be a restart of his life. He exercise,study hard, makes himself good-looking, and get a new attitude. He is now a hunk of a guy, and ready to take the school with storm.
But oddly enough, a girl from his old school, named Kurai, has decided to do the exact same thing by turning herself from not to hot, also hoping to get a fresh start. Recognizing each other as former fellow social outcasts, they then make a bet about who can get a girlfriend/boyfriend first.
...Gee, I wonder how THIS story will end.
Yet again, a fun and sweet little story with adorable artwork from Kano Yasuhiro, the creator of MxO(link to my review of MxO: HERE!!!). Sure, it's a cliche, but one done very well. I like that even though they have change physically, they are still socially weak. It's cute to see them try WAY to hard at keeping a conversation going. I highly recommend this nice little story about a young man and woman trying to put their past as plain behind them.
How come their are so many harem manga-comics with one guy surrounded by many girls, and not the opposite? Seriously, I wanna know!
Mao is a student on a all-girls school. Her greatest wish is to join the student counsel, so that she can spend time with the three most popular girls on the school, that she admire a great deal.
And her wish comes true... Sort of...
Well, she DOES become member of the counsel, but... her feminine idols are actually... guys!
The three young men have joined the school for each of their own reasons, and must now depend on Mao to not reveal their secret. Mao is heartbroken over having her vision of her feminine idols gunned down and drowned with a cat, but she finds that it may not be all that bad to hang out with three handsome boys.
I sense a lot of potential in this one-shot. I really would have liked if it had been longer. I once had a similar idea for a series, with a girl who had to live in a boy-college.
But the manga is still good. Not great, but good. Pretty funny, heartwarming ending, and a nice little romance. You should give it a go.
That's all for today, 8 to go.
I'm Waezi2 and thanks for wasting time with me.

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