Monday, May 19, 2014

Manga-Mania May: Liar Game.

Nao Kanzaki is to honest for her own good. She has never told a lie in her life and instantly trust people on their word. So she of coarse panics when she gets 100 million yen by mail, and a note that tells her that she is now part of a contest called "Liar Game," and she must now use any means necessary to steal her opponents money, before he does. And she must make sure to pay back the 100 million yen she received, or else she will be in dept to the men behind the tournament.
Realizing that the chances for a naive young woman like herself to win the game are around the size of a snowball in hell, Nao gets "professional help" from the recently released from jail con-man Akiyama. But they both realize that the "Liar Game" is much bigger than they thought, and the committee who arrange it has no interest in letting anyone get out of their sick game of swindling.
Now THIS is the shit! Sure, the art is not perfect, but the story makes up for that. If you like stories about people being pushed to their limits in order of survival, you are going to get it from Liar Game. It's not a life and death contest like Hunger Game or Dangan Ronpa, but it might as well have been, since losing means that you will be in a ridiculously big dept to the arrangers of the Liar Game. And there is no way of knowing how they are going to make you pay that dept.
In other words; you will survive losing the game, but you might as well have been better served dead.
If you have enough patients, and if you are kind of a psychology buff, then you are going to LOVE Liar Game. This series deserves A+. Possibly the best read of MM May.
One down, 13 to go.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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