Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Manga-Mania-May: Ninja Girls.

You know what this mangas problem is? The title makes it sound as a porn-series.
And the cover ain't doing it any favors, either. Not that I complain;)
Ninja Girls is about the boy Raizou Katana. He lives alone outside a village, because all the villagers hates him for the horn witch he s born with.
But after saving a young lady from death, he learn that he is in fact the sole heir of the once very powerful Katana-family, and that the beautiful girl is a Kunoichi(female ninja) named Kagiri, who have sworn loyalty to the Katana clan. She will, with her fellow kunoichis, protect Raizou and do anything necessary to revive the clan's former glory, witch include marrying a princess.
Guess who's going on a adventure?
This is a harem series, so expect a lot of... skin. Seriously, what kind of warriors dress like that? Again, not that I complain.
This is a pretty lighthearted story. There is fighting from time to time, but nothing serious, and they are not to long, and also pretty unique. And even though there is a lot of talking about it, no sex-scenes(sorry, dudes) The artwork is great. The girls look stunning and the middle-age Japan is well drawn. Beside the fun writing and pretty artwork, I would like to compliment the series for not having way to over the top fight-scenes, and not as much as the resemblance of a Kamehameha.
My favorite character in the series must be Himemaru, the kunoichi with... extra equipment...
The one problem I do have with the series is that Kagiri's ninpou seams a tidy bit... sexistic. But hey, it's a harem series, what could you expect?
So go read Ninja Girls, have a great time with it, and see if you can stop yourself from giggling.
That's all for today, 24 to go.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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