Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Manga-Mania May: Log Horizon: Nishikaze no Ryodan.

This could have easily just have been another Hunger Game rip-of, but instead, it takes a whole new direction of being caught in a game-world.
Elder Tale is a very popular online game. The million of players are hyped hearing that there is a new expansion-pack, and all log in to check the upgrade. But they find themselves transported away from their room, toilet, or wherever they play, and find themselves inside the amazing world of Elder Tale. But what at first seams like a dream come true quickly reveals to be a nightmare.
Try to imagine this: You are inside a world where death doesn't really matter(in theory) since everyone will be revived, just like a ordinary online game. You are in a body you dont even know. The food taste like what it really is; fake. And you now live in a society ruled by whoever is stronger in raw power or numbers. Pretty much everything is allowed, as long as you dont kill inside the cities, witch means that you can actually rape someone and call it "showing affection."
It doesn't really sound like your nerd fantasy coming true, am I right?
As far as *I can understand, this is a spin-off of the main series simply named Log Horizon. I haven't read the main book yet, but this is good stuff. The story focus on Soujiro and his guild (made by girls and another man who I swear is gay) as we see them try to make their way in this cruel world that was once their Wonderland. This is yet again a pear of a manga that haven't been translated yet to the English marked, witch is a shame, because this is good stuff. Stop whatever you are doing and read this series. WAEZI2 DEMANDS IT!!!
That's all for now, 2 to go.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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